Saturday, October 1, 2011

School Party - Chalkboard/Whiteboard Easels

It became this tower of pizza boxes.


Interesting, huh?

But wait - they open out to this

which becomes this:

which, upon adding the right sort of stationery

provides hours of silly fun.

We even made erasers

that really work!

And everything folds up and gets stored away when you're done.

We thought they would fit right in at our school party.

So we had the guests make their own easels to take home.

They were given one of those bare modified-pizza-boxes,  

and a handful of other things, and they put theirs together in minutes. 

I've wandered over to Whip Up today- visit me there for the tutorial!


  1. I'd been wondering about all those pizza boxes..... :)

  2. Wow. These are beyond awesome!

  3. This is so cool, just like everything you make. Great party!

  4. Que boa ideia. Parabéns
    Adoro ler o seu blogue
    Continue partilhando. Obrigada

  5. Awesome!! These would be great for a real teacher's classroom!

  6. What are the items used to make the white board, chalk board, and eraser? I tried to follow all the links, went in circles (lol), and the whip up link is no longer valid. :(

    Hoping you can guide me as my kiddos would LOVE this project!

  7. the white and black papers are just papers or anything magnetic?

  8. Where did you find the boxes?

    1. Kathi - I made them. I cut them out of a big flat sheet of cardboard and folded them.


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