Monday, November 21, 2011

One Yard Wonders Book Launch!

Last Saturday was the release of the new Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders book!

There was a launch party at The Crafty Planet in Minneapolis, MN - well within driving distance - so I went. Several reasons - one, to meet the authors, and put faces to the very fun personas behind the volleys of emails we'd sent back and forth. Two, to finally see this book I'd been waiting for, for almost two years. Three, to see - and touch - all the 101 projects in person. Four, to meet Pig again, whom I'd handed over for adoption by the good folks therein. See- there she is, on the back cover:

And five, I was on assignment to take photos for my good friend Jen, (who did the Drafting Series with me) who's also in the book, but who lives on the other side of the planet and wanted in on the fun, too.

See- here's her Mandarin dress:

- so gorgeous:

ye olde piggy

and her babies:

and that camel and chocolate skirt, which looks cuter on the model than it ever did on me:

Look at all those patterns!

I promised I'd do a review of the book later, and I will, so these are the merely preliminary photos of the launch party, just for fun (and for you, Jen!).

Now, after going all October and half of November with not a single flake of snow, that Saturday would be the day the skies chose to finally unleash their first official Twin Cities snowfall. I had to think very hard to remember all the snow-driving tips because one very quickly forgets all this slip-sliding nastiness in the summer when the land is green and warm. Having lived most of my life on a tropical island, whose worst weather threat is floods, I still think of snow and ice as deadly road hazards, albeit in different ways. And driving in a blizzard, even to the gas station, is to me a feat of courage of Olympic proportions. Although, now that I've driven in both blizzards and floods, maaaaaaybe I'd pick snow over floods. 

It's fun to talk about the weather, isn't it? Snort. Well, what's a person to do, living in Minnesota? 

But let's get back to the fun stuff!

So here's the fabulous little fabric store where the launch party was held.

You all know I'm not a quilting cotton fan, but on Saturday I was. Look! 

Halfway through the book-signing and meet-the-everyones, I excused myself and ran off to buy fabric. Rude, I know, but I couldn't help it, I was so overcome by covetousness.

Here's Trish, one of the co-authors. And that's Rebecca's (other co-author) husband Gene, signing books.

Here I am with Rebecca and Trish! They are both such fun people in person. And Rebecca is wearing the bolero she designed for the book!

And here are some of the projects!

Look, Jen, there's your dress!

Incidentally, I'd warned Jen that I might be moved to tears to actually touch a thing she'd made with her own hands, and that came all the way from her sewing room halfway across the world in Malaysia. We both still think it's awful that we live so far apart and have to resort to discussing sewing by email and scanned photos, and getting ourselves in a book, for Pete's sake, to finally get together.

Jen, you wouldn't believe it, but this is the first thing I saw when I stepped into the display area:
I swear I didn't put them side-by-side. They were just hanging there, daring me to weep and overreact. I didn't, incidentally, but only because I was heavily distracted by what fabric I was going to buy when no one was looking.

I so enjoyed seeing all the things everyone made for the book - there was a wonderful variety - household items, clothes for people of all ages and types, some awesome bags, furniture, toys....

Speaking of toys, I spotted Pig and you know how they talk about your eyes meeting across a crowded room? Well, our eyes met, even though hers were sort of fibrous and vacant. I mosied up to her, drawled, "So..... come here often?"

and we had a nice chat about stuff we both knew a lot about - babies, birth stories, nursing, how our bodies have never been the same since - things like that.
It was good to catch up. 

Here are some of my favorite projects -

Katie's umbrella -

Becka's Knight in Shining Armor Costume -

And this next one blew me away. It's a bag, and I'm partial to bags, especially bags with piping, and this one was just fabulous.

Perfect top-stitching, perfect finishing, perfect piping, perfect inside, and so incredibly cool.

I got to meet the designer himself, Nate Van Hofwegen. It was hard not to gush. 

It was hard not to gush at everything, really, but I'm going to stop now and catch my breath. I'm going to slowly peruse the book over the Thanksgiving weekend, and review it for you later. From what I've seen so far, it's a work of art, and projects aside, it's also filled with extremely useful information and tips for working with all those different fabrics. I am proud to be a part of it.


  1. It looks amazing!! Congratulations on all your great projects being published.

  2. HOLY SMOKES!! Your stuff looks amazing, LiEr, and that pig just kills me every time I see her. Clearly I need to get my hands on a copy of this book. Loved this post. You crack me up.

  3. Wow, you had quite a day! AWESOME! Congratulations on your projects in the book! What a thrill! And so deserved!

  4. Looks like a fun book...and that you had fun at the launch. I'd love to see it!

  5. Beautiful post, congratulations LiEr and Jen. I love how you are kept together around the world by stitches and a whole lotta love. I look forward to getting my hands on this book, I really enjoyed the first one.

  6. Congrats! I had no idea I would be seeing your wonderful Momma pigs and piglets in print near me! (The Xmas list has just gotten longer...) Best wishes to you....and that next year you and Jen meet up in real life!

  7. I really wish I lived a little closer to the cities! This book looks so nice!!

  8. But! But! You didn't show us what quilting cotton seduced you to the dark side, and managed to make its way home with you!!

    (I have that turquoise with the oranges, btw. and the blue one with apples and pears. delish.)

  9. @Em
    Em - it was ALL of it. I am so ashamed.

  10. Lovely post! Thanks so much for coming and we were absolutely thrilled to finally meet you in person! You are an incredible crafter, and that's a bit of an understatement. Stay in touch!


  11. Looks like a great book :-) I might even buy it for myself despite having no need at all for piggies or kiddie dresses.

  12. Hi there! I came to your blog today because I was on the lookout for a review of this book. I have the first one and I love it! All the projects look fantastic! Thanks for sharing your fun photos. I'll be back to read your review :)

  13. This book sounds amazing! I didn't realize your pig was so big! Makes sense, if you have to fit piggies inside...

    The launch sounds like fun, and I love those prints! Someday I will live near a fabric store that is not JoAnn Fabrics...

  14. Looks like a wonderful book. Oh, and that pig, that pig! I may have to buy the book just so I can make a pig!!! Love it..............

  15. ooh I had not heard of this book but now I must have it. I try to keep my fabric addiction in control by buying only 1 yard of pretty prints (equal opportunity -- quilting cotton, corduroy, home dec/curtain, jersey knits, fleece) but often have no idea what to do with them. And included patterns too!
    Thanks for the review, I love how your and Jen's dresses gravitated toward each other.

  16. looks like a great book! Congrats to you. . . and I'm sorry you're not physically closer to your dear friend.


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