Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mini Mail Kit in Action Pack Magazine


I am pleased to introduce the latest issue 

This is a bumper issue of crafts, recipes and traditions for the holidays. Contributors hail from all over the world where they live and/or originate - Australia, Finland, Sweden, Italy, France, USA, Denmark, Istanbul, England and Mexico. This issue has 80 pages and 23 crafts. Here is a sample of some of the goodies within:

Action Pack Magazines are e-magazines full of crafts for kids in the elementary and middle school age range. The features are full of color photos and instructions written for the young crafter. 

Each issue has a different theme- and what awesome themes they are!
  • Paper + Beeswax (Origami projects, beeswax & honey projects)
  • Seeds + Beads (Beaded dragonfly, cooking and growing seeds)
  • Sew + Tea (learn about tea, sew a tea cosy & a play tea set)
  • Great Outdoors (bumper issue 80 pages of outdoor crafts, adventures and cooking)
  • Chalk + Cheese (Learn how to make your own chalk, cheese and other crafty projects using these materials)
  • Zap + Zest (Bumper issue around the themes of electricity and citrus)
  • Sticks + Stones (Projects using lots of natural materials).

I am honored to have been invited to be a part of this Celebration issue - here is Emily demonstrating our miniature mail kit.

I love those red pillar boxes I'd read about as a child in storybooks set in other countries (England, in this case). I'd always felt that other people's mailboxes were far prettier than the ones we had in our country. And with Christmas around the corner and family far away, we thought we'd pay tribute to good old-fashioned snail mail greetings. So we made our own pillar box, complete with templates for tiny envelopes, aerogrammes, postcards and greeting cards for the kids to color, design, write in and send (or pretend to, anyway)!  

Visit Whipup for more information on purchasing the Celebration Issue or back issues of Action Pack! Enter the code "WPContributor" at the checkout to get 10% off everything in the Action Pack and stores!


  1. This is adorable! Perfect for dolls or stuffed animals =)

  2. @MaryAnne
    That's what we thought, too! I was tempted to make a little felt mailbag to go with the set, but it might push the "elementary to middle school" age limit, so didn't. Imagine teddy bears with mailbags slung across their bodies, delivering Christmas cards to stuffed ducks and dollies, though!

  3. Amazing!!! My kids love this craft.


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