Monday, December 5, 2011

Painted Christmas Trees

Finally, something Christmassy!

The girls and I painted Christmas trees last weekend.

The blanks themselves are as gorgeous as the painted trees.

We sat at our kitchen table with our acrylic paints, 
paintbrushes and toothpicks, and painted.

Jenna did these: 

Emily did this:

Kate did these:

That purple-and-yellow tree is just beautiful. 
I think it is my favorite.

I painted, too

but I think I got the snow position reversed on this tree.

And this one, on hindsight, looks like a caterpillar.

I liked this one, at least.

One out of three. Ah, well. 

They look pretty together, anyway.

Especially out in the snow. The real 24-degree snow.

Which, now that it has finally hit us, 
is making it look a lot like Christmas.

Happy Advent, everyone! 


  1. Cute! Where did you get them? The link isn't working for me.

  2. They are all wonderful and look so pretty grouped together!

  3. @SqueekersMcgee
    Fixed the link - it WAS wonky. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Happy Advent! Those trees are so fun - real treasures.

  5. So pretty! Must've been great fun painting them! I'd have never noticed the misplaced snow if you hadn't mentioned it. :)

    24°?! It was only 4° here this a.m.! Brrr!

  6. @Grandma G
    Well, we got more snow today. It's still coming down. And maybe it's worse than 24 deg this morning. I don't know because I haven't gone out to check. And I daren't pull up the weather channel online to peek at temps. I am such a coward. No more outdoor photography for a while, I think.

  7. Kate's purple and yellow tree looks like something from a (tasteful) art exhibit - love it!

    I love your misplaced snow! That's something I would do! And I am very impressed with your candles =)

  8. Oh so sweet! Those trees are awesome! I love the one with the red candles!

  9. Excelente entrada!!! saludos desde


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