Thursday, March 1, 2012

On My Sewing Table

Exaaaaactly...... I'm not really sewing.

My sewing table is overrun with wooden things. There's also a tube of wood filler somewhere, and a Coolwhip tub of drill bits. My stackable storage tower of thread spools is on my sewing table - I'm using it as a weight for glued wooden things that are drying. I've hijacked the husband's tool bucket and sawhorse. I'm covered in sawdust. My shopping statistics since I got home from Singapore are: Home Depot/Michaels' wood aisle: 3, JoAnn: 0. Whee! 

Um, I have done some sewing, though - I made mermaid suits this week. Including their dolls, I've made 6 mermaid tails for the girls to date. See - this is why sometimes my eyes roll back in their sockets when I'm at the sewing machine. A break is good, yes? 

I am also experimenting with different colored backgrounds for photos. No reason, other than I've always used a furry white blanket. I'm taking a break from that, too.

P.S. Thank you all for your incredible response to the giveaway! There's still time to enter it, so go here if you haven't yet and would like to. I've just discovered that my numbering for the comments has disappeared with the new blogger updates. I can't re-hack the code to put back the numbers - the old tutorials for doing that don't work because of what blogger has done. Has that happened to you?  So on Saturday morning, I'll be counting manually through all the comments. It might take me a while!


  1. I like the colored background! And I just got my copy of Family Fun and was excited to see you and your cardboard creations featured there! (then felt like a dork telling my husband, "I know her! Kind of! From her blog...")

  2. Can't wait to see what you're making!

    Blogger seems to be making unpleasant little changes all over the place. :(

  3. Oh no! Let's hope the numbers reappear :(

  4. Thanks, guys! I like the colored background, too. Smooooooth. The husband saw it and said it was about time. He hates the furry white blanket I've been using. Says it's so gross and distracting. Having seen this smoooooooth background (it's just paper) I have to agree, and am now horrified that so many of my photos are now (on hindsight) hideous. EEeeeeeeek.


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