Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Redemption by Fabric

It's been a very, very long time since ikat was sighted here. A tragedy, given that I love it enough to name this blog after it. The truth is, real ikat is hard to find, and very expensive. There are any number of ikat print cottons, though, everywhere. Even JoAnn carries some forms of ikat-print apparel fabrics. But ikat print is not real ikat. 

Strictly speaking, anything with its design woven into the fabric itself rather than printed, is a kind of ikat. But you'll more easily recognize the familiar, definitive ikat designs than others - and once you see them, you'll always know them.

Last weekend I found some ikat. It was a remnant piece in Mill End Textiles, and I took it home. 
See- it's woven -

so the design is on the front and the back.

And this one is almost brocade-like, because one color is raised over the surface of the other, like embroidered tapestry. But yes, it counts.

And here is the whole piece, so you can appreciate the richness of it- 


and back.

This will be turned into the first ever ikat bag. First that I will make since moving to the US, I mean. Certainly a first for this blog. It will be my redemption. 

Speaking of bags, remember that slate-and-lagoon one that was dangerously floral-and-feminine? 

I toned it down a bit:

And now, I think it will really rock.

A few more fabric photos of upcoming projects:

Kate's swimsuit coverup dress (that pink gingham knit hasn't cleared the final round of auditions yet - I just picked it because it looks swimsuitish):

Jenna's swimsuit coverup dress (I love citron over pink any day, and twice on Sunday):

and random knits for me/the girls/both. The lighting is a bit off, because the black flower outlines on the second fabric are actually dark brown. 

And of course I don't know what garments these four knits are going to become. But that's what fabric shopping is all about, right? 


  1. LOVE the ikat! Can't wait to see the bag, as well as that other one. The embroidery is fantastic!

  2. I love your ikat fabric, but I find it far too expensive and beautiful to use it for a bag. This will be a 'wow' one!!!

  3. Oooh, I love Mill End. It's like digging for treasure and always knowing you'll find something amazing...unlike SOME fabric stores that leave you feeling frustrated and underwhelmed. Great find!

  4. Ooohh... I love that embroidery! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see the whole bag!

  5. When I saw that pic of the peekaboo lagoon design that you created, I literally thought "I love you." Seriously- I want to try this, only thing is I am afraid I cant' get those crisp tiny little hemmed curved edges perfect like you did. Sigh* Whenever I am in a pinch for creating (well drafting) my ideas, I always think: When in doubt pull ikat bag out! Ha! It could be your slogan! I know you've heard it a billion times, but you are amazing!!!

  6. I love this cute thing. Love to have found your blog. It's filled with beautiful posts. Following you now!


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