Saturday, July 14, 2012

All The Pretty Dresses

We're spring-cleaning today.

We have so much stuff. Even good stuff - like the lovingly-handmade sort - is still stuff.

Today we reorganized, threw out, re-homed, took away, put back, repaired, recycled.

And in the process, I re-discovered how manic I've been over the years.

And these are just the halloween costumes in the past 4 years. They don't include the boots, the shoes, the tutus, the chiffon skirts, the crowns, the tiaras, the scarves, the morphing wings, the transformable tails, the hats, the masks, the wands, the capes, the vocational uniforms, the bags..... 

.... or the toys
(which are still my favorites),

as are the sleeves - of any costume I've made.

And it's still not over. 
Halloween costuming, I mean.
(Part of me is secretly relieved, because it means my girls aren't teenagers yet).

Spring-cleaning is over, though. 
Not because we're done (will a person ever be?).
But because we're wiped out.
Plus I think I need to go biking.
Stuff will have to wait till another day.


  1. Making my children's costume dreams come true has been some of my most satisfying sewing in the last 18 years. And I was helping my almost-not-a-teen daughter make a costume just last year. So don't worry, I don't think you will be done any time soon.

  2. Beautiful - love them all! Do you dare count the hours invested?! :)

  3. My inner-child is seriously drooling over all those dresses. Must remember to *never* let my daughters see this blog, or the envy may destroy them!

  4. WOW!! What an impressive collection!!

    No, spring cleaning is never 'done'... at least not in my household. In fact, it's rarely even started. ;) Good for YOU for getting at it (even if it's a bit past spring)!

    It's too HOT for biking!!!

  5. Wow, what a beautiful collection of costumes. I know each one must have been made with love. My daughter would go nuts with these :)

  6. And what are you doing with all those pretty dresses? I have a three year old and a one year old that would love some of your hand me downs :)

  7. So many lovely costumes! I hope you've found good homes for all the ones that had to go.

  8. Sorry I confused everyone - no, the dresses weren't the things that got thrown out. We just had to move them and the gigantic dress-up collection to another place in the house because they were getting out of control where they were. I seriously doubt if I'll ever get rid of those costumes. Maybe we'll save them for the girls' kids, years down the road. Or something.

  9. If you're girls ever grow out of them, I know two that would be in heaven with your donation!! ;)

  10. Amazing creativity-- and to think we can share it with you and your family. Thank you!

  11. And you know that since they are carefully made they will last and last! Unlike the poorly crafted costumes my in-laws buy the kids, which shred at the first washing, the ones that are homemade are going on the third year still strong.
    I love that your grandkids will be able to see and value handmade in many years' time -- all too often ours is a disposable mindset.


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