Monday, July 9, 2012

Another camera strap

Made another ikat camera strap this past weekend. 

This was for my little mirrorless camera
It's not a neck strap - this one slips over the wrist.

It took me about fifteen minutes. I didn't even need music!


  1. Why
    (i) ikat? Answer: Because it is supreme.
    (ii) I didn't need music? Answer: Because I didn't even get around to procrastinating! Shocking, I know.
    (iii) a camera strap for this camera? Answer: It wasn't grippy enough. And I didn't want to drop it.

  2. Aha! Now I know!

    It's a shame that you didn't even get a chance to procrastinate, though. What's a project without some procrastination?!

  3. After dragging my DSLR all over England I rather wish I'd gone for a mirrorless one... it looks so small (& light!) How do you like it compared with your "full size" SLR?

    1. Hey Laura! Were you in London? Did you go to Savile Row? Did you shop yourself silly at Marks & Sparks? I like my mirrorless camera a lot! I take it with me on adventures with the girls and it's so handy, and takes lovely photos. But I still love my DSLR for craft photos! Probably because I'm more used to it and I can look through the viewfinder (silly reason, I know) to get really close to different corners of bags etc.

    2. Yes, I did visit London! Sadly not Saville Row (what was I thinking? where were my priorities?) I did go to Liberty's though! Any chance you'd like to come help me sew a top with the fabric I bought? Marks & Sparks for sure. Their food halls provided a lot of meals. Glad to hear you still love your DSLR, makes me feel better about my choice. :)


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