Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crisis .... Averted

9:50 am 
Crisis: Kevin Max CD missing. How to continue sewing this?

How to sew anything in the future, really? Must conduct emergency search-and-rescue if there is to be any hope of a sewing future.

10:05 am
No sign of CD on sewing table, under sewing table, under various sewing machines, in between stacks of fabric on floor, in the fabric buckets containing random haberdashery, in all existing music players in the house (and car). Heavy sense of doom settling like a filthy blanket on a damaged soul - it is a sign that I must give up sewing forever. 

10:38 am
Have given up sewing forever. Bundled all the children and one backpack containing food and iPod (has two KMax tracks on it, thank heavens) and drove, despondent, to the zoo. 

10:39 am
Emily counsels, "At least you imported it into iTunes."
True. Hm. Maybe my sewing career isn't completely shot.
But.... without the liner notes, there are no lyrics to harmonize to iTunes tracks! I will have to make up my own nonsensical lyrics and annoy the family/neighbors within earshot. Yes. It is the only way. I may be shunned and disowned by my loved ones and they might even call the police for disturbance of the peace but - and I will be grimly determined -at least the sewing can go on.  

4:12 pm
Exhausted from zoo. Still moping over CD-at-large. Attempt to drown sorrows in pungent zoo animals failed. Decided maybe CD fell into the trash with the remnants and bent needles and empty Gutterman spools and got tossed out. Sniff. I should just let it go.

4:13 pm
But I paid good money for that CD!!!!!!!!

4:26 pm
Hey.......................... what was I saying earlier about lyrics? 
Liner notes!
Jewel case!
What if........?

4:27 pm
KMax found. Nestled safely in its own jewel case. Where I'd evidently put it myself. On the ledge with the other CDs-in-their-jewel-cases. What happened to brain? Should I be relieved? Should I be ashamed? Should I clean up the sewing table more regularly? Should I kick myself hard in the behind? Should I get a brain transplant?

Well................. I guess now I can keep sewing. 
(Bah... and I was so close to succeeding at procrastinating).


  1. WHEW!! Had me worried there for a bit! (About your sanity, actually.)

    But you do have my curiosity up! What are you making with all those strips of fabric? Surely you have not succumbed to the quilting bug!!

    1. Are you serious? Me - quilting? Hahahahahahahahahaha! With all those teeny pieces to join together, isn't that just procrastination waiting to happen?

      Fear not. I will never quilt. Not even with ('twas-lost-but-now-found) KMax CDs blasting full volume.

    2. Big sigh of relief here (as if I was really worried - ha!). Procrastinating on quilting... yep... I think quilters invented the terms, WIP, UFO, etc. ;)

  2. :) Love your humor posts, LiEr!

    1. Thank you, MaryAnne! Although it only got humorous after I'd actually found the CD. Before that, I was quite the wreck.

    2. :) Glad you found it! I need to listen to some of his music!

  3. This really made me smile. I glad you found it. :)

  4. Tee hee! I just love reading your blog! :oD

  5. I want to see what you make with the fabric:-)

  6. Lyrics available on this thing called internet. :)


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