Friday, July 6, 2012

I Am Not Slacking Off!

Good morning!

We're back from our Independence Day-related vacation! Lovely. Tired. And ate too much. Enroute home, for instance, I ate a burger that was about as big as my face. And our garage door is a bit stuck so our regular transportation vehicles, who live therein, are trapped until the repair guy comes - today, hurrah. So last night, after getting off the treadmill, I biked to the supermarket to buy supplies for supper (as if I could eat any more, after the burger). I haven't biked for 10 years, literally. And my bike lock is stuck, too, because I can't remember the combination from a decade ago. Had to find a random lock in the kitchen drawer and then wrestle with the bike racks at the supermarket to get it to work. And had one of the nice grocery clerks help me shove the bike into some helpful configuration, once he realized I wasn't trying to steal the bike, probably. Then after shopping almost couldn't get the lock to open and had a moment in which my life flashed before my eyes, with the caption, "Comedy of Errors!!!!" floating over it in cloud letters.

Eventually got home, believe it or not. And this morning I did laps at the pool because I was up at 5 am and couldn't sleep (foolishly went to bed early). Outdoor laps! Very leisurely outdoor laps, I must confess, because my shoulder is just about normal again and I don't want to ruin it again just before getting back into summer cardboard crafting. A sort of delusions-of-grandeur thought hit me as I was at the pool, though: does it make me a (non-continuous) triathlete if I ran, biked and swam within 24 hours? Or should I just be content with my original definition of triathlete as

Mother [noun]

whose feats of strength-and-endurance are Cooking, Vacuuming and Laundry?

Enough of me already. Here's one photo to prove that I am working on the pattern for that bag you all liked. 

I don't usually write my patterns by hand, incidentally. But I thought I'd work on it while lounging on a hammock at the lake on the 4th, where it was all rustic and lovely i.e. no wi-fi. In other words, I haven't been slacking off! 


  1. so glad to see we all have one of those days from time to time!

  2. I hope your shoulder heals completely and doesn't act up any more!

    Very impressed with all you got done from a hammock on the 4th!

  3. thanks for sharing something about yourself ... I want to see that bag.

  4. I can't get the lock off of my bike either! I'm sure that motherhood is considered a pentathlon, as least! Cooking, cleaning, sewing, gluing, cutting, planting, running, jumping, biking, and swimming! All in the name of Love!

    1. Well said, Kris! And I got the lock off my bike today - with a bolt cutter. Bah.

  5. Wow! Look at you all dedicated to your blog while on vaca. I get bored on vaca and feel a NEED to craft! It drives me crazy.

  6. Anyone who reads your blog would never think you were slacking off. I would first think you were too busy to post about it. I hope your vacation was wonderful!


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