Sunday, October 28, 2012

And I Made The Other Three And A Half Yesterday

I used my own tutorial for the boots. Can I say, without meaning to be egotistical, that I am so thankful for my own tutorials? Because I always toss out my paper patterns when I'm done, thinking I'll never make the same thing again (why would I? It's boring), and then the next year -surprise!- I'm making the same thing again. Thank goodness I can download my own patterns and print them out and follow my own (sketchy) instructions to make something I made just last year but already forgot how to.

Now, if you're thinking, "Um, Wonderwoman's left boot looks like it might be a bit taller than her right one." you're spot-on. That overtall boot was the half-a-boot I was struggling with the other day. It doesn't fit as well as the other. This is what comes of following a pattern (even if it's my own) exactly without thinking, or altering for fit. Of course I'd forgotten that my children have grown since last year, when I made the pattern. Why would I remember such things? I'm in denial.

And now, here's the tally for what I have left to make by Wednesday:
  • Two silver bulletproof bracelets
  • One red cape = cut a rectangle out of red liquid gold and declare it a cape.
  • One pair fairy slippers, with criss-cross ballerina ties. 

And guess what? I forgot how to make my own ballet slippers, too. So useless. Not surprising, though. Good thing I can use my other Own Tutorial for those! 

Unrelated: Watched Titanic with the husband. Kate Winslet's outfits = sublime. We gave up halfway through the movie, though. Too depressing to have to watch all those good clothes lost at sea, not to mention Leo. Sniff.     


  1. Woohoo! Great progress! They look awesome!!

  2. Someday I will make some boots like this! Maybe Anna will benefit from all your sewing wisdom, since I won't have a wee baby.

    Your tutorials are incredible. Love, love, love them. Thank you so much for sharing them so generously!

  3. Dios mio! Tenia usted que cocinar, lavar, estar con sus bellos libros y ha hecho esas botas?CariƱos.

  4. You gave up on the movie before Rose pried his death-grip off so she could survive! I still can't believe this is the second highest grossing movie of all time (though I feel it is better than the movie at number 1)...

    1. E: I gave up long before that scene, actually. Once the water started filling the ship, we knew it was time to scat. No perseverence, I know, not to mention faithless ;(


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