Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This is Wonder Woman.

This is Wonder Woman posing.

This is Wonder Woman getting ready to

transform from her "person" state to her "superhero" state.

This is Supergirl.

This is Supergirl posing.

This is Supergirl making a joke - "It's a bird! It's a plane!"

This is Supergirl opting for WW's method for transforming - and just as well, seeing how cellphones have made telephone booths a rare commodity these days. 

And these are the two superheroes I am lucky enough to have living under my roof - they are "best buds" and sidekicks and all the best things that sisters are.

This year's costumes were sooooooooooo easy compared to last year's costumes, which were killer. And so much fun to make, with all the shiny gold and silver fake-metal accoutrements. The only real challenge this year - as with every year - was to make them warm. Not sure that the miniskirts passed the test but the girls said they'd wear pants underneath.  

As a reminder, here are the boring underlayers -all just fleece -before the shiny stuff went on over them.

Here's Supergirl's finished costume- standard long-sleeved fitted bodice (satin over fleece) with jewel neckline 

and a full circular skirt, also satin over fleece.

The cape was literally a one yard cut of red liquid gold (that's the name of this fabric). Jenna initially refused a cape, and only after I practically tricked her into trying on "a silky piece of cloth on her shoulders" did she consent to having a cape at all. 

Supergirl's boots are based on the same design as the musketeer boots from last year, except a bit taller.

This is Wonder Woman's costume.

The bodice is a satin bustier over skin-tone fleece. Again, it's a standard long-sleeved thing with a jewel neckline. The belt is only attached at the top edge, leaving the bottom edge free to accomodate the moving drape of the circular skirt.

Her boots are also the same design as the musketeer boots.

Her tiara/crown/headband is elasticized in back.

And her silver bracelets were an ammendment - I'd forgotten that they were silver and actually layered on gold bands on the bodice wrists. Had to make detachable silver bracelets to cover them. This turned out to be very fortuitous because Kate thinks the gold bands her her "normal clothes" and, by slapping on the silvers, transforms into Wonder Woman herself. 

Her lasso of truth (random gold trim bought at JoAnn) attaches to her belt by a velcro loop.

So all in, very straightforward costumes this year. Hurrah!

Q: How do these superheroes actually locate villains? 
A: With their Bad Guy Detector.

Jenna explained to me at length how this works:

Incidentally, the Fairy Witch is Emily. Her costume is coming up next!


  1. Ahhh... you've done it again! Those costumes are Super! Absolutely Wonder-ful! And I love the Bad Guy Detector... Jenna should apply for a patent.

    (Best not tell Kate I said this, but she looks more like an angel in that first pic, costume not withstanding.) ;)

  2. Bravo!!! Awesome costumes, makes want to go and run to Joann Fabrics and make one overnight... *wishful thinking :)

  3. You are fantastic, I pin every costume!!!

  4. Well done you. And I love "pekhcr."

  5. Cutest superheroes ever! I love the costumes, too. And the Bad Guy Detector is fantastic!

  6. These are really great! Both my girls said, "cool!".

  7. Love it all, but mostly, Wonder Woman's pose!

  8. These are (appropriately) very modest versions of these costumes. I do find it interesting that Kate knows about Wonder Woman?

    That Bad Guy Detector is absolute genius.

    Can't wait to see the Fairy Witch...

  9. These are absolutely adorable! And so are your models :o) Beautiful job. And how on earth do you get these done so quickly...? I found it funny that Jena even has an on/off switch in her schematics. Very logical. She's thought of everything!

    Have a great Halloween!

  10. Beautiful!! And nice costumes too. :)

  11. beautiful, like all thing you make! i´m a big fan!

  12. This is the funniest (is there such a word?) blog entry ever! Your girls are so pretty and so lucky to have you.

  13. Wow LiEr,
    These are amazing! I don't know how you managed those appliques! They came out perfectly. I have to say these costumes look both fun and functional, by that I mean very appropriate for a cold Minnesota Halloween without compromising on style. I think YOU are the superhero here! Of course you don't need a costume for that...

  14. Awesome! what fun! and you call this simple???? I do hope you are keeping a giant box in the attic for all these costumes - what fun your girls will have passing them on.

  15. omgosh what a cutie pie!!!!
    Hope you guys had a great time trick or treating!



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