Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wooden Treat Blanks


I have awakened from hibernation. Actually, it was just two days but it felt longer. And I finally stayed awake enough to watch Revolutionary Road. Um.... bleak. Startlingly wonderful acting, but very bleak. So bleak that I couldn't even emotionally connect with the wonderful acting and just sort of concentrated on the somewhat glamorous 1950s dresses Kate Winslet was wearing. And then found myself wondering if everyone in the 1950s wore suits that were a size too big. Certainly Leonardo diCaprio's character was swimming in his. Maybe it was the fashion then, but what do I know? This weekend I need something slightly less bleak to watch.... maybe Prometheus. It will seem like a comedy in comparison.

I have, on my sewing table, a tower of ill-fitting store-bought clothes in need of alteration. I do not enjoy altering clothes. See this post to read all about it. But I do enjoy wearing clothes that have been altered. And I even more enjoy seeing my family in clothes that have been altered. So in the name of love, I will work on that tower of garments this week.

Craftwise, I am happily uninspired to do anything! What a glorious feeling.

I have, however, gotten my act together to sort out my wooden blanks for you! In case you were wondering, I'm not trying to "get rid of" excess stock or anything like that. In fact, based on how much my kids want to keep painting (and requesting that I paint) cupcakes and whatnot, I might actually have to buy more blanks to replenish what we have. So while I'm at it, I thought I'd share the goodies with you. 

Here is what I have supplies for:
  • Cupcakes
  • Small cookies
  • Jam Tarts
  • Small doughnuts
  • Large doughnuts
  • Sprinkle jars
Here is what I do NOT have:
  • Dessert stands
  • The ice cream sets or any parts thereof
  • Anything made of fabric i.e. any of the bags in the bakeshop set

I am going to list what I have here, in small individual sets, with their approximate shipping costs. You are welcome to request multiple sets but depending on the demand for a particular item vs the amount I have in stock (or how much more I can buy in time to ship to you), I may need to limit some to one per household. Email or convo me in the shop to say what you want and I'll make reserved listings, with the exact shipping costs, for each of you and let you know when your listing is available for payment. These should all be ready to ship by Thanksgiving (i.e. end of Nov), so it will be in plenty of time for the holidays. In case you are unfamiliar with painting wooden things, I also plan to include with your order, a short handout with tips on how to prep and paint  your blanks, what sort of paint and varnish to use, how to dry them, whether they need wood filler to shape them and so on. 

So here they are - all prices are in USD. The pieces that have had prep work done on them (drilling, gluing, nailing, etc) are priced higher than the ones without.

Jam Tarts (1.5")- set of 4 for $5.00; shipping is $2 to the US and $4 overseas.

Small Doughnuts (1.5"); set of 6 for $4.00; shipping is $2 to the US and $5 overseas.

Large Doughnuts (2"); set of 6 for $5.50; shipping is $2.50 to the US and $6.50 overseas.

Small Cookies (1.75"); set of 4 for $2.50; shipping is $2.00 to the US and $4.00 overseas.

Sprinkle Jar- $0.75 each; shipping is $2.00 to the US and $4.00 overseas.

Cupcakes (1.5"); set of 3 with 3 candles (yellow and/or orange flame), 3 toppers and 3 cherries for $11.00; shipping is $2.50 to the US and $6.00 overseas. At the moment, the bumblebee, butterfly and ladybug are what I have; I no longer have the flowers or the stars that were featured in the painted bakeshop sets I sold in the shop last month. 

These are the new cupcake blanks, replacing the old ones which are discontinued at the supplier. Here is what they look like painted up. 

At the request of some readers, I am also listing my peg doll stock, as individual items, so you can customize your desired "family":

Please note the dimensions and prices of each (from left to right):
  • Oversize Father (3.5") $1.50
  • Oversize Mother (3.5") $1.50
  • Father/Large Boy (2 3/8") $1.00
  • Girl (2") $0.75
  • Girl with Shorter Dress (2") $0.75
  • Boy (1 3/4") $0.75
  • Baby (1 1/4") $0.50
The approximate shipping cost for this entire family of 7 is $2.50 within the US and $6.50 overseas. Again, email me and let me know which ones you want.

Just four more points:
  1. I plan to pack and ship sets out to you until my stock runs out. When that happens, I might buy more blanks to prep for you if there still is interest before the holidays and if I still have the time to prep them. 
  2. If you are ordering multiple sets, I will combine the shipping, which will be less than the individual shipping costs added up.
  3. There will not be ready-to-purchase blank sets in the shop - only the custom-request reserved listings. 


  1. Erm. I don't recommend Prometheus if you're looking for something lighter. Try 'The Muppets'? Or 'Premium Rush'? Just not Prometheus. Trust me.

  2. I dont understand, where can I order? can u write the link?


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