Monday, December 10, 2012

My Christmas Wish For You

I'm still alive! Been baking, see. And eating. And not blogging much.
But I thought of you guys a couple of nights ago and wrote this silly verse in your honor. It's really very silly. I can do no end of silly! If only I were as motivated to cook or vacuum or something actually useful. Bah. Anyway, I wanted you to know that it's been so much fun blogging because of folks like you. Happy Holidays!

As Christmas time draws nearer 
And the year is at an end
I wondered what to ask for
To give to you, my friends.
For long have you encouraged
My crafting and my prose
And shared your inspiration
In all that you compose.
So in return I thought I
Would wish you glorious things
To float your aspirations
And give you crafting wings.
I thought I'd wish you money
To pay your blogging debts
But you'd spend it all on fabric-
And what's the use of that?
I'd ask for inspiration
For when you're in a funk, 
And all your dreams are overdreamt  
And all your thoughts are thunk.
But there's already Pinterest
Where ideas overfloweth
Which stealeth time and leaveth you
With naught to really showeth.
Perhaps I'd ask for patience
Or extra time to sew
But that's procrastination!
(As if you didn't know).
Maybe more commentors?
Like several hundred, stat! 
Uh.. unless they sold viagra
Or grosser things than that.
Like reviewing freebies?
I'd wish you more to try!
But what if they were awful
And you were forced to lie?
Then maybe camaraderie -
New cyberfriends to meet
In sewalongs and swapathons
Now wouldn't that be neat?
Till some regress to stalking
And pilfering your stuff
To photoshop their faces on -
Er… p'rahps you've heard enough?
Alas! I've no more options -
No precious wish to make
This blogosphere a better place;
I'm stumped, for goodness' sake!
So this is all I offer
To bless your coming year
In all you blog and sew and knit
And celebrate that's dear:
May all you craft be golden,
May every hour count
And may the thread you need be there
In just the right amount.
May you have boundless energy
And elves do all your chores
And toddlers entertain themselves
(With the TV off, of course).
May the cutting gods protect you 
From The Accidental Slash,
And when you hit the "publish" key,
May Blogger never crash.
And when you blog, midwinter,
With outside dark as night,
May all your posts stay merry
And all your photos bright.


  1. Thanks! I'd put toddler-entertaining-himself right at the top of that list.

  2. That was the most delightful wish I could have received, especially when I am feeling particularly friendless and frustrated in all my crafting and writing goals. What a fun and thoughtful poem, full of understanding and the humor of life. I hope you are all cozy, safe and elfing under all that snow

  3. How sweet! And very catchy. Happy December!

  4. Now that's my kind of poetry! Beautiful, hilarious, apt. Thanks, LiEr! And may you and your family have a beautiful Christmas!

  5. WONDERFUL! Now you are a poetic genius as well! ;-)
    Love reading your blog. May your year be everything you hope for. And more!

  6. Ha! Thank you... for the wishes... and the giggles! Wishing the same back to you, my friend!

  7. Thanks for the poem! Speaking of thread being there (sort of) I finished sewing for my craft show last weekend on the LAST needle I had. The second to last broke with an hour or two to go. PHEW!

  8. Brilliant as always.
    Same to you!

  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, too! And to all your readers. I guess now is a good time to say thank you for all your wonderfully fun, educational, and inspirational blogs.

  10. Excellent writing! I feel blessed! As usual...

  11. LiEr, this is delightful!

    Can you wish me the wisdom to juggle it all - or know which ball to drop?

    I actually SEWED this week - a doll carrier, and a proper Mei Tai baby carrier! And neither will make it onto the blog, because I didn't even attempt photos before shipping them to their recipients.

    1. Brava, MaryAnne! I, on the other hand, sewed a few bags for Christmas gifts, took photos and then FORGOT to mail them out. Then only remembered when it was too late to get them internationally on time for Christmas. DAFT!

  12. **sniff sniff**
    **dab dab**
    Thank you :-)

  13. Lol! Hilarious and brilliant poem. Kudos to you, and Merry Christmas as well!

  14. Hahaha! Yours is one of the blogs I look forward to reading every morning... or, er... whenever you write. Merry, merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family.

  15. Ja ja ! siempre leo tarde ,cuando puedo.
    Oración preciosa .
    De lo único que puede estar segura es que cada vez que hago un bolsillo la consulto y nunca le dejo ningún comentario.
    Estoy derritiendo me por la temperatura y siempre la leo.
    Feliz año!

  16. oh my goodness, your poem keeps getting better and better! I love your writing and could come to your blog just for that, but you keep on giving us awesomeness upon awesomeness. Thank you for sharing what you have in the brilliant mind of yours. Wish you all that is good.


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