Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ready to wear

Hello all!

In the spirit of buying and celebrating handmade and independent businesses, I am proud to share with you Jen's ready-to-wear clothing line! This is the professional tailor Jen that co-wrote the drafting series with me way back in 2010. In addition to accepting custom orders, she's also launched two ready-to-wear lines, the most recent of which is on sale now! The website will be fully ready later but you can buy via Facebook. She accepts paypal and she ships  FREE internationally. She makes first-rate stuff, friends - well-cut pieces (as one would expect from a professional tailor!) in nice, high-quality fabric and three sizes S, M and L (size chart on-site). Go check it out!


  1. Thank you, L! That's FREE international shipping, btw :)

  2. Free!? Hadn't realized! That's even better! I've gone and added that bit into the post and underlined it and bolded it, even. Am still drooling over the white linen number, by the way. Can I just say that those sleeve caps are darned well drafted (of course)? And your model is gorgeous!


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