Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Hats

We got snow. 

So we made hats.

Take that, Minnesota.

Of course you want to make your own.
(Hats, I mean; not snow).
Who doesn't?
Check back soon for tutorials - 
two patterns - eight different hats.
Ready, set, snow! Er... I mean, sew!


  1. Those are so colorful! I hope the girls were patient. I made your Rapunzel wigs a while back, and I can see how these 2 projects are almost one-in-the-same! Maybe I should just make Rapunzel's bangs double-thickness, and then it could do double duty!

  2. cute cute cute! and so timely -- i'm dead-set on making my bff a fleece-y totoro hat for christmas. being a newbie sewer i was just going to wing it, but some actual directions would probably be a good idea. =)

  3. Yay for hats! We don't need them here though... it rarely snows. Most likely, that will not keep me from making hats. =)

  4. These are the cutest hats ever. You are amazing, creative, funny, and I love your blog. Holding my breath for the tutorial, which is saying something, considering I live in San Diego, and my children are in their 20s!

  5. The first photo is just gorgeous!


  7. Great job! Such a joy to be able to see all of your wonderful work! Thank you!

  8. Wait, wait, wait.... how did I not know until now that you are in MN??? I was JUST thinking that I need to figure out how to make a hat like that third one, since it is the only kind my 4 year old will wear ("I do NOT wear hats with stuff on them!"). Now I do not have to, since you have already done it! Thanks so much!


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