Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Finally Made An Apron

It isn't a ruffle apron in designer quilting cotton, like the ones that are all the rage now.

It was for my father-in-law (although Fleur modeled it for the photoshoot)

and I didn't think he could carry off ruffles.

I first saw this moustache print in a BBQ-towel and oven mitt manifestation on A Spoonful of Sugar and loved it. Such a glorious print - masculine without being camouflage/ rah-rah sports/ beer-belching/ blaze orange huntingy/ whatever. Not that my father-in-law is into any of these (he isn't). But he is a fine cook and he did have a moustache once upon a time. 

So I put moustaches everywhere. Like on the pocket.

Gotta love pockets. I don't know about the side ones, though. I'm still thinking I should've made them angular rather than scooped. I sew so infrequently for male bodies that it isn't instinctive for me what's masculine vs. feminine.  Somewhere in my mind, I think I've compartmentalized that with garment design,
 angles = masculine and 
curves = feminine.

But maybe that's stereotyping. And we wouldn't want the world reduced to that, would we?

Because then I would've had to make a mitered corner on the hem of the apron, which isn't anywhere as striking in bias gingham as a smooth curve.

And since I'd made an apron,

I thought it should have a pair of potholders to match.

Aaaaaand that's the sum total (number = 1) of masculine sewing (and quilting) for 2012!  


  1. Love the curved pockets on the sides......absolutely love!!!

  2. That's a very cool - and masculine - apron!

  3. I think that curved or angled pockets for males are just fine. Reason? They really don't care or notice. They are males after all. I'm happy if my son notices that I made things matching so he would actually wear them intended.

    Wonderful apron...masculine and fun at the same time!

  4. Well, this post was timely! I made a bunch of aprons for my family for Christmas and gave one to my brother to give to his live-in girl friend. My mom told me that my brother actually does all the cooking (and cleaning and shopping etc) so I should have made him one. Now I have a good one to model mine after (since the ones I made all had ruffles). Thanks!

  5. How nice! That's great fabric for a barber too!

  6. Love the apron but am totally smitten with the pot holders! Your blog is so entertaining and informative - I've been working through your archives.

  7. Oh my gosh, that moustache fabric is awesome!! And agree that those pot holders are cool.

  8. Sigh. If I knew hubs would wear an apron I'd make him one. I'd even make him a superhero one!

  9. I think he could carry off ruffles! Better than camouflage/ rah-rah sports/ beer-belching/ blaze orange huntingy/ whatever, anyway! But the mustaches are fabulous. Fleur might be jealous...

  10. Did you get to see his reaction when he received it? I would love a photo of that!

    This apron is brilliant. Love the moustaches.

    I wonder if DH would wear an apron if I put math equations on it?

  11. What beautiful work. Thank yo for sharing.

  12. I adore this apron! So fun - and all the details are fantastic. I know this a very old post, but is there a chance that there is a pattern or tutorial for this? I've never seen a pattern with such cool details (and I've made a ton of aprons!)


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