Friday, June 28, 2013

Ikat Is In and I'm Selling It

Yes, it's true.

But I already knew that.
As did some of your favorite fabric designers like her and them.
And look what google found.
And what I bought:

People still ask me what ikat is. And why my blog has such a weird name, which they are a bit self-conscious about pronouncing (it's "eeee- 'KAHT", by the way, not "i-Cat"). And how to sew with it. I don't know if there are rules for ikat, necessarily. I mean, people have sewn entire dresses of it. And bikinis, like that one above. And upholstered entire sectionals. And made drapes for windows. And concocted delicate wallets and key fobs. It's probably more helpful to say, "Use it as much as you like print in general." Real ikat (i.e. the authentic tie-dyed and woven stuff) is dreadfully pricey and not usually available in, say, JoAnn Fabrics or your favorite brick-and-mortar quiltings shops. Thankfully, we have the affordable print facsimile versions thereof to buy in general fabric stores.

To help you get all trendy, I made you some ikat Lunch Buckets to buy. Disclaimer: these are ikat-print fabrics that I used. If I'd used the real stuff (read about how it's made here) I'd have had price those buckets at oh, about $200. I figured the print stuff was just as pretty and also more modern-looking with all that white in it. Find them in the shop now.

In case you're unfamiliar with my Lunch Buckets, I'll take you through their features -

they are about 7" across and 7.5" high from base to rim. With the strap up, they are 13" tall.

The strap is detachable, and stays up for carrying

or swivels down to allow access to the contents via a drawstring cover.

The drawstring cover folds down into the bag or out over the rim. The buckets are lined with oilcloth,

laminated cotton

or Therma-flec, for easy cleanup (check the description in the individual listings for which material is used to line that particular bucket).

There are four available: blue, red, ocean and multi-tone.

Buy one before they're all gone!

And while we are on the topic of shop, I have a Pig Family for sale. Full disclosure: this Pig Family is a book sample, meaning I made it for publication in this book. Pig and her Piglets stayed under the care of the editors for a year, during which she got photographed, displayed at book launches and publicity events and people got to see and touch her (and her babies).  She was even on TV! Then she was returned to me early this year and I got to keep her.

But... I already have a Pig -

which is very much loved by all three kids,

has been brought to school for show-and-tell (to much squeals from the teachers and classmates)

and participates in numerous Farm Pretend Play Scenarios at home.

So I really don't need a second sow. And quite a few people have written to say that they aren't seamstresses and therefore can't use my Pig pattern to make their own pig family, so would I consider custom-making a family for them instead (sorry, no - I'm disinclined)? So, I'm going to put this one in the shop. The pigs are in very good condition and look brand-new (in spite of having been made two years ago) because they've spent most of their time in storage and not being played with by children the way our original Pig has.

This Momma Pig family has 5 piglets

that store in a zippered compartment in her belly and their little snouts stick to velcro circles on her underside to mimic nursing.

The big Pig is about 20" from snout to tail and the little piggles are almost 6" from snout to tail.

Find the pig family in the shop here and the ikat Lunch Buckets in the shop here.

Monday 1 July update: The buckets and Pig family were all sold over the weekend and going to new homes this week. Thank you for your support!


  1. Oh, your buckets are sooo pretty!! As is your new bikini... and aren't you going to model it for us?! ;)

    I'm tempted to buy that pig.....

  2. That pig is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen! I CANNOT wait to make one for my daughter who will LOVE it!

  3. That pig is really cute, I have to try and make it before my kids are too big ! I love your bags, too. I have your pattern for them, I have to make one as well.
    It Ikat, like Ikea. easy !

  4. Oh no!!!! I missed out on the pig :( I can't sew :( Sooo disappointed :( Your work is stunning!


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