Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hello! We have our internet back!

It was a lot of fun to read your comments to that Act 1 Blogging post. I am so relieved that you guys knew which parts were nonsense and which parts were real! Am still writing Act 2 but as it's not as frivolous as Act 1, it's taking me a while. In the meantime, I must fulfill my PR responsibilities and share with you some ikatbag sightings.

First is a republication of my cardboard sword tutorial on PBS Parents,

the parent-resource website associated with PBS KIDS that has educational games and activities.

Next is Huffington Post's roundup of popsicle stick crafts,

including my popsicle stick basket that Dad taught me when I was a kid.

Then, in the August 2013 issue of Family Fun Magazine

is another roundup of popsicle stick crafts

including that basket again,

along with its sister project, the popsicle stick mini easel:

And there I am! Although it should be spelt "Teigland". 

Finally, remember that 26-pocket "quilt" I made from all the pockets of our Pocket Series?

Here it is in the July 2013 issue of the Australian publication, Homespun:

Incidentally, Homespun has a lot of quilting in it. See?

All gorgeous. I am not a quilter so I feel especially honored and intimidated to be featured among quilters, whom I consider paragons of patience, perseverance and perfectionism  But then I found this non-quilting craft in it which got me all excited - so cool. Uh, I mean hot.

It is always thrilling to be featured and linked to, so when these all converged in one week, my head just about exploded. Every single one of the editors and writers behind those features was wonderful to work and correspond with - thank you!


  1. Wow, congrats on all your "appearances"! You're certainly getting 'out there'! Umm... like anyone is supposed to notice the Family Fun credit? ;)

    Also hurray for getting your internet back... one of those things we can't seem to live without these days, although a little break from it can be nice sometimes. :)

  2. Congratulations!!! Attention well-deserved. :o)

  3. thanks for sharing the appearances of your work. I so enjoy your blog and am very happy to see you receive well-deserved recognition!

  4. I before E except after, oops!

    Congratulations, though. Your projects are so inspiring, it's easy to see why magazines would want to publish them.

  5. How exciting! And very well-deserved. Love that campfire, too :)

  6. I can't believe they misspelled the name! Well, actually, I can, but it's their day job! It's better than Peigland.


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