Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quick housekeeping

Shhh... have snuck out of the house to use the library's wifi thingy because we have no internet access till Monday. If you are buying my pdf patterns, please note that if you run into download problems, I may not be able to help you till then. In fact, I may not even know you have problems because I won't be able to read your email messages. 

That said, almost ALL your download problems will be eradicated if you actually use your desktops or laptops to access the pattern files you paid for. I cannot count the number of people who have recently emailed me because they bought my patterns and, in spite of being warned (see the very top of the page from which you buy the patterns), open the links on their remote devices (ipods, ipads, iphones etc). Listen up, people: some of these remote devices have file-saving capabilities and some don't. If you don't know if yours does or not, wait till you get home to access the links on your desktops, okay? Please? That way, the pattern files will actually open up and get saved instead of disappearing into oblivion.

Normally, I'd just respond to your emergencies when that happens and send you a second-chance link but with my internet access gone for the next few days... ball's in your court, folks. Good luck.


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