Friday, October 25, 2013

The Fifth Clue: The Treasure At Journey's End

In an initial fit of madness, I let the children convince me to make our own treasure chests. Afterall, they said, we'd made it before (see this post). I am happy to report that I came to my senses and ordered them here. I am all for cardboarding, as you all know, but if I can buy something instead of making it, so as to save time and sanity, I will (but you knew that, too).

Anyway, hurrah for store-bought. The girls decorated them - they started out simple, using only the decorations that came with the kits,

and then used the extra gems we'd bought for the party, and really decked them out (see first photo).

Next came the keys. I simply drew them on cardstock and let the girls stick washi tape on them to make twelve different designs. Then we cut them out, laminated them, punched holes 

which gave us a dozen keys, all different.

The girls then stuck matching washi tape along the edges of each chest, to correspond with the twelve different keys.

Inside the chest, we put a small packet of fruit snacks, some glass pebbles, the gold coins that came with the chest kits and a ball gown for the doll.

Then we hid them under the lowest branches of our evergreens, declared it Treasure Island, and had the kids come match their keys to their chests.

And remember the magical rings the questers had to barter for enchanted cookies? With the quest now ended, the Lady In White returned the rings to the girls, to add to their treasure chests. 

Next: see how the story ends in the Epilogue!


  1. This party looks so delightful! I will definitely be using some of your ideas - thank you for sharing them so freely!


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