Monday, June 23, 2014

Family Fun's "Top This!" Challenge

Have you heard about Family Fun's newest craft challenge?

Family Fun Magazine has just launched its new monthly creative challenge, Top This!. They'll share a craft made with a common material (such as buttons, a cereal box, or pipe cleaners) and your family’s task is to make a unique craft that uses that same material as an integral part. Take a photo and upload it to the Top This tab on their page here. They'll choose one idea to feature in an upcoming issue, and pay that family $200!  

This month’s challenge is to make something with clothespins.

And I'm going to share some ideas to get you started.

Very versatile, clothespins. 

You can use them as, well, clothespins.

And you can use them as glue pins i.e. to hold gluey things together till everything is dry and adhered.

And you can washi-tape them

and use them as list pins. 

And add magnetic strips and  turn them into fridge magnet pins. 

You can use them as stands for cardboard cutouts

and wooden standup doll props.

And you can use them as elastic potential energy trigger release doohickies,

(translation = crossbow).

And split them apart to use as carpentry building blocks (my Dad made this particular chair 5 years ago, but he'd been making them as an elementary school art teacher since I was a little kid).

Are the wheels turning yet?
The deadline is July 7 2014 - still plenty of time to get your entry in!


  1. I can't say my wheels are turning, but that sure is a cute little chair!!

  2. I saw that, but hadn't come up with any ideas yet. I LOVE the rocking chair!

  3. Oh that chair is cute! might have to pick up some clothespins!


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