Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Heirloom(ish) Sewing - Skirt

Third project made from Grandma Ruby's pillowcase hems!

When I was interviewing* my girls to find out what they'd like made out of these hem panels, a skirt was one of the ideas that surfaced. Everyone ultimately preferred the dress idea, so we went with that in the end. However, I couldn't shake the image of a white linen skirt showcasing this pretty embroidery. I mean, picture this: tissue-weight linen, with gathered tiers, cute pockets and this incredible hem, on a 6-year-old girl with pigtails. Sigh.

Decided I would have to make the skirt, regardless.
And if none of the young 'uns would wear it, well then, I would. 

Although since it was for me, it couldn't have gathers or flouncy tiers or that "little girl "look, in general.

So classic A-line, then.

Fitted, with a back zipper,

and a wide on-the-hip waistband, with in-seam pockets like in men's tailored trousers. 

I sewed some bias trim into the seam for color and definition.

And repeated the same trim where the embroidered panel joins the main skirt,

but in two colors.

Some more random shots of the skirt on me.

* Interviewing children = running after them, hollering, "Oi! Will you wear a dress if I sew it? What about a skirt? A bag? A blanket? Hello? Dress? Dress? Okay, dress it is!"


  1. The skirt fitting is just great, and the panel at the bottom looks wonderful, but I have a bone to pick with the pockets, sorry. Very functional and useful - this'd be a favourite skirt if it were mine - but they spoil the look!

  2. Oh I ~heart~ this! This project along with some therapy might motivate me to use up some of my pillowcase hoard! Haha!

  3. I love it, totally awesome, just the right amount of defination to showcase the embroidery

  4. Love that little footnote!

    Your skirt is lovely. The bias trim is a great detail, too.

  5. Love this idea .. but me and white don't mix so I would have to go with a solid color other than white ! (I attract dirt to any white I wear !LOL worse than a kid !LOL). Thanks for this idea .. it goes into my bucket list !
    Thanks for all you do for us out in cyberland. Love your blog !

  6. fantastic idea, totally got my wheels turning with my small stash of cool old stuff.

  7. Great idea. I have some sheet headers that would work for that as well.

  8. GREAT skirt!! Love those pockets!
    And those legs....! Wow!


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