Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jenna Had A Celebration This Weekend

and there might have been a crime committed

and we might have thrown a party to solve it.

P.S. Jess and Grandma G, do you recognize Jenna's chair? It's working perfectly and is hereafter The Official Birthday Throne for all parties to come.


  1. Yes! The chair caught my eye right away! "Birthday Throne"... great idea! And if that's the new gray in the 2nd pic, I like it... a lot! :)

    So now you've teased us AGAIN.......

    1. Yes, that's the gray! And it looks different(ly bright or dark) in different light. And I think you'll get to see more of it in later photos. Whenever I post them, I mean. Too busy melting right now. It's 91 today!

  2. Happy birthday Jenna (in advance)! I love the theme of your party - mystery and crimes ;)
    ps. I see the ice-cream pie (in replacement of cakes) again haha :P

  3. Looks like another fun party! Happy birthday (celebrating day, at least), Jenna!

    My Lily turned five yesterday, and I can't believe it.

  4. Er, I thought I told this to publish my comment. Instead I am faced by the blank form again. Hmmm. Will have to rephrase now, won't I? Quivering in anticipation for this! So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  5. Lovely idea with the 'criminal' theme! Happy Birthday!

  6. Can't wait to see more info!


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