Thursday, January 29, 2015

Layers in Ink

I am slowly working through the pile of fabric I bought in my mad I Must Sew New Clothes fit late last fall. That was when SR Harris opened its new branch close to home, and I was ecstatic because I could finally buy nice apparel fabric that wasn't kid knits. I always feel much more motivated to sew cool-weather clothes than warm-weather ones; I think it has to do with the richness of fall and winter fabrics - all the wool and other heavyweights are richer and drape so much better than the insubstantial cottons and voiles of summer and spring. 

So I bought fabric. And, as is the fate of all fabric that enters my home, it sat for long time on my sewing chair while I stared at it and willed it to magically become garments on its own.

If only.

Eventually, I finished the five skirts
And started on the two sweater dresses, one of which is finished. Hurrah.

This is Sweater Dress #2: ink.
I love the fabric. It's shawl-lacy and gorgeous.

And completely see-through.

Initially, I thought I'd just line the thing, but that would waste all the pretty detail of the weave. So I redrafted a separate slip instead. The armhole is wonky because I didn't think I needed an armhole dart with this knit and didn't draft it in. And then of course I was wrong and had to add the dart, which of course distorted the armhole. Were this an actual outer dress, this would be a faux pas of epic proportions, but fortunately it's just an underlayer. 

Here's a fuller-body shot, but the color is a bit off.

Here's the actual color of the fabric - slightly grey, slightly blue, just like ink. 

Photos when it's finished! 


  1. I can't wait to see the dress. No one will notice under your dress. Mark it to the "lesson learned" notes & finish the dress. Good. Luck. I'm on pins & needles for the finished dress.

  2. Ooohh... it's gonna be gorgeous! Can't wait to see... hurry up!! (From me, who's still pluggin' away on the bag... but nearing the finish line!) :)

  3. Can't wait to see the final product!


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