Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sweater Dress in Ink

Nothing wrong with your computer's color filters; I'm playing with the effects in my photo editing program (Aperture) today. Because there isn't a lot to do in wintertime.

Some actual color photos now.

This is Sweater Dress #2 to which I alluded here.

You get crazy shots of me in the mirror indoors

because it's a cold and snowy week and I tried an outdoor photoshoot with Emily behind the lens and I'm freezing and half asleep and slouchy in most of them. But wanted to include this shot anyway you could see the real shade of blue of the fabric.

Which isn't even the real color; this is closer to it:

So this sweater dress. When I wear it for real (i.e. out of the house), I'll add leggings but I couldn't be bothered for this photoshoot. Bad attitude, I know. Blame winter.


Okay, the deconstruction.

Raglan sleeves and a self-bound (i.e. with the same fabric, not faced) neckline that ties

or hangs open.

The dress is just a fitted thing with a slight Aline bottom half.

Because the fabric is see-through, it has a full length jersey slip, which you can see pictures of in the previous post.

The slip has darts, but this outer dress has no darts at all, just seam shaping.

The sleeves I especially like. They're three-quarter length and the cuffs are random selvedge bits that I sewed on just so they didn't end in a folded hem.

Here I am experimenting with belts, just because I think this dress is super versatile (and also because what else is there to do in the winter) said that already, sorry. This is not my favorite belt.

I like this belt a lot more, but it still needs to be a tad wider.

More daft effects (winter, apathetic boredom, etc.) 


  1. Oh, what a pretty dress! I love your cuff idea! Your "boredom" pics are fun, and every time I see an open-eyed pic of you behind the camera, I can't help thinking of Jenna and/or Kate. :)

  2. Love the sleeve finish.
    No snow here and not that cold. Hovering below 50'.
    I start sending photos of my spring flowers to my sis in st. paul about now (snowdrops, mini-iris, camellia, christmas cheer rhododendron.)
    Would you like some photos of spring flowers?

  3. It is very pretty! Love the cuffs.

  4. I like your neckline and cuffs design. i am just finishing s sweater dress myself...need a slip too!

  5. Love it! Beautiful job. Wish I was young again & could show mm y knees. Kidding I rarely showed my knees after 28. Now only to family in the summer.

    This is a great length & silhouette for you.

  6. This is one of my favorite things that you have made, all the more because it is simple enough that I could see myself sewing one. I really like the neckline and the way you finished the sleeves. Beautiful!

  7. I love the cuffs! What a fun dress! Hope you find some more winter fun.

  8. What a great dress! It looks comfortable and pretty.


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