Saturday, May 30, 2015

2015 Lunch Buckets

I am so glad I made these after all! Initially, with all the other things going on here (Menagerie, the Marker Pouches, the Minecraft birthday party, etc.), I thought I'd just make the two buckets we needed for the girls' teachers and be done with them.

But, as is always the case, as I dug out accent fabrics from my stash to assemble the print combos, I found myself caving. I mean, why pretend I'm not addicted to mass-producing? So I started to lay out and cut. And then, 8 buckets in, I ran out of canvas. So much for my addiction.

So just eight buckets this year instead of the usual dozen. Two for the teachers, and six for you guys from which to pick your favorites. Emily and Jenna are going to pick their teachers' buckets and I'll list the remaining six in the shop this weekend. I just have to get the photos uploaded and find some shipping boxes.

Here's a shot of the two buckets in Time Warp, Jessica Jones' gorgeous new fabric line in barkcloth. They're so delightfully retro and modern all at once. 

Next weekend is Birthday Party #1. My party prep (aside from sending out invites) as of today is ZERO. This is the latest I've ever prepped for a party - truly breathtaking procrastination, if I may say so. The children have been panicking, wondering why I haven't asked them to help with anything yet, but I'm all, like, "Later! Must. Sew. Now."

Oddly, I'm not even freaking out that I'm not freaking out. My mantra is, "I have to find some cardboard and then I'll be okay."

Wish us luck. If we can pull this off, it will be a miracle. 


  1. What a delightfully pretty variety of buckets! How will your girls ever decide?! :)

    Good luck on the birthday party prep! Yikes! But you'll pull it off, I'm sure. You might not sleep this week, but you'll pull it off. :)

  2. Cardboard. I was thinking of you when I was cutting up, collapsing and recycling multiple layer corrugated cardboard the other day. I made myself a mental note to tell you why we had so much and maybe you can find a new source! I am working part time at a store that carries home décor and furnishing. The new bedroom set came in the heaviest cardboard I've ever seen (3 layers at least) and was in very large pieces (picture a Sleigh bed headboard). You should call some of your local furniture store(s) to see if they have what you need. /Cathy

  3. Gorgeous stuff, as usual!! Also, good luck! I believe you can do it and pull something amazing out of your sleeve :-)

  4. So glad you posted this - I bought your pattern a few years ago when my son started school and make them as end of year gifts for his teachers - You post has reminded me I need to start choosing fabric etc for this year's batch.....Evidently his teachers from last year have been showing them off in the staff room, and this years teachers are already hinting for theirs!. For anyone reading - this is a really well written pattern, and as long as you are already able to sew a curve to a straight edge, pretty easy to achieve a bag you are proud to give away.


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