Saturday, November 28, 2015

Owie Dolls For Sale and other news


Three Owie Doll Announcements today:

We have Owie Dolls in the shop.

They come with all the usual accessories,

as well as the reversible dress/shirt/smocks.

Please check the individual listings to see the full set of accessories.

TWO - there is also one MedHub in the shop.

Go here to buy them.

Some FAQs I anticipate:

Q: Will you ship them to arrive in time for the holidays?
A: Depends on how soon you buy them. I usually ship my items within 3 business days of receiving your payment. If you pay by paypal, which is preferred, the payment clears instantly. If you pay by credit card (aka direct payment), it can take a few more days to clear. 

Q: Will you be making more Owie Dolls?
A: Not at the moment.

Q: Please?
A: Sorry. Much as I love making them, they are a huge time investment and I have other projects that need my attention before Christmas.

Q: Will you do combined shipping?
A: If you purchase multiple items to be shipped to the same destination, I will combine the shipping cost and refund you the difference by paypal. I will also endeavor to refund any over-charges in shipping for single items - the shipping costs quoted are estimates from the USPS website; sometimes the actual cost differs in your favor and I'll refund the difference.

Q: If I write to you right now, can you reserve a doll for me while I check with my husband if I can use his credit card/email address for payment?
A: I'm sorry - to be fair to others, I cannot do reserved listings to secure any items.

There are still a few Owie Doll kits left in the Take&Make shop. They'll make great gifts for seamstress friends and relatives! There's still time to buy them in time to ship for the holidays, so go on over and choose the Kit Alone or the Kit+Pattern Bundle. Certain colors of skin and hair are sold out, so be sure to check on which ones are still available.

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  1. You are a genius! And there is so much love in your work. This is so good for kids and those who look after them. Thank you for sharing your work and life with us on your blog.


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