Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Owie Doll Kits Back In Stock!

I am excited to announce that the Owie Doll kits are back in stock at Take&Make!

A huge thank you to everyone who took the color surveys, left comments, and wrote to me with your stories and ideas for diversifying these dolls based on the medical experiences of your own kids or grandkids. We took your suggestions and feedback very seriously and the final colors are the direct result of your responses.

Thank you, too, to those who swept the first round of kits off the shelves and who contacted Take&Make with requests for more when they sold out. I appreciate your support and patience!

Quick recap: each kit contains enough material to make TWO dolls, with enough leftover of some of the fabrics and notions to make more than that. The skin fabric, for instance, is sufficient to make four dolls, if you follow the suggested cutting layout. 

Also, you still have the option to buy just the Kit, or to buy the Kit+Pattern Bundle, in which the sewing pattern is heavily discounted from its original retial price of $18. 

You can read more about what are inside the kits, in this post. Everything else is the same as the original kit, 

except that now you can pick skin and hair colors to personalize your dolls!

Here's how:

Go here to the Take&Make shop page and decide if you want to buy just the Kit alone, or the Kit+Pattern bundle.

Either option has two drop-down menus that give you choices of hair and skin colors, which you MUST select, or else you'll get that default first combination in the menu. 

For example, this is what the Kit-Only page looks like:

First, pick your skin color from among three (see later photos for examples).

Next, choose your hair colors. Remember that the kit makes two dolls, and you can choose to have them both of the same hair color, or one of each. After choosing your colors, indicate how many kits of that combination you want and click "Add to Cart". Simple!

The Kit+Pattern page takes you through the same process to choose your colors.

To help you visualize what those skin tones and hair colors look like on finished dolls, here are some photos:

Fair skin, Gold hair and Light Brown hair 

Honey skin and Dark Brown hair

Cocoa skin and Black hair

You can also contact Take&Make directly to request Brick colored hair like the doll on the right, below. This is a custom substitution and Take&Make will have more details on how it works.

Since we're on the topic of hair, let me show you a couple more photos:

Same doll; with and without hair!

I wanted to share that so you'll know you can make your doll's hair removable, if you need it to be. Later tonight, I'll post the mini-tutorial! 

And finally, a special message to those of you planning to head over to Take&Make for your kits: get 'em while they last (the first round sold out in less than a week) and save your receipts for a surprise! More info tomorrow!


  1. The kits look wonderful. It's a shame that Take & Make don't ship to Singapore.

    1. Hi Katie, you can purchase the kit and select Singapore at checkout. Please email if you have any questions :)

    2. Hi Brooke. I've left an enquiry on the Take & Make website asking for dimensions and weight of the kit package. I've got a friend travelling from USA to Singapore soon, and if it's not too big she can bring it over. Fingers crossed!


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