Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekend Plans

Kate has a birthday party this weekend. 
She planned it herself. 

although the actual execution of her ideas required the Mother's intervention
(those are made from socks, by the way).

The oldest sister, however, is now officially a sewing assistant/intern of sorts, and the Mother is more than happy to outsource some of the making to her. 

More to come!

P.S. Thank you for all your interest in the upcoming Port-n-Sort Tote! I am very excited to get to work on it as soon as this party is over. The photos are all edited - easily the slowest part of tutorial and pattern-writing - now to annotate them as I write the instructions, and the alpha version will be ready for proofing and editing and then off it goes to the testing lab!


  1. I love that Emily has her own tags! :):)

  2. Photos are the most time-consuming for me as well, and I don't think I am nearly as particular about them as you. I look forward to hearing more about this party!

  3. You are probably sick of hearing this, but you are seriously a sewing magician!!


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