Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Harry Potter Party: House Neckties

Emily found this origami necktie and thought it would be fun to make striped house ties.

Rather than work with plain squared paper and have guests draw their own stripes on the folded tie, she designed a template with ready-drawn stripes. When folded correctly, these pre-drawn stripes turned out a perfectly striped necktie,

and all the guests needed to do (apart from folding it) was add in their house colours of choice.

 You can see Emily's template in the photo below.

Here is Emily teaching her guests to fold the necktie.

Some guests may or may not have deviated from the official house colours!

We also provided paper clips 

so guests could "wear" them and show their house spirit.

Look out for the necktie template in the printable file that we're compiling for you to download at the end of these posts!


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