Monday, January 22, 2018

Snow Day

Short intermission from the Menagerie posts to share a Christmas present I'd made for Bunny (and thus by association, Kate).

It's a snow outfit. Earlier in December, Kate declared in no uncertain terms that this was Minnesota, and if Bunny didn't have snow clothes on her outings with us, she was going to freeze to death.

So for Christmas, I made her some snow clothes. Incidentally, these were my (single) token handmade Christmas gift for the year. 

Drafting them was easy (because Bunny didn't wiggle like my children do while being measured).

Drafting them in secret, however, wasn't. Because I procrastinated and waited till the very last day of school before the winter break, then realized I had only one morning left on which the children wouldn't be home, and panicked and drafted and sewed nonstop to get it all done. Bunny hung out with me all morning for measuring and fittings, the trooper that she was.

Here they are - first, the hat. I made the pompom disproportionately enormous, because it amused me.

Next is the snowbib - black fleece half-lined with some purple knit.

A pair of Ugg-style boots:

The uppers were made of sweatshirt fleece. The soles were grey headliner, and I lined it with a faux sherpa-esque fleece. I made a partial slit along the back seam to allow for easy putting on and tugging off. I didn't bother to add a fastener.

Finally, a pair of mittens:

Here's Bunny modeling the whole ensemble:

That light pink coat was made some years earlier, here.

Then I packed everything in a little cardboard suitcase and wrapped it for Kate to open on Christmas morning.

A bit of trivia: the faux sherpa-like fleece used to line the snow boots is the actual fabric Bunny was made in many years ago. So ironic. It used to be this fluffy but how time (and repeated dunks in the washing machine) have changed that! 


  1. Too cute! I loved having clothes for my stuffed animals when I was little :)

  2. Shouldn't the ear flaps for a bunny be a bit longer, though? :)

  3. Too much adorableness!! 💕💕 I bet Kate was thrilled!

  4. This is very fun. And did you make the cardboard suitcase as well? I know you've made them in the past, so guessing yes?

    1. Maryanne: I didn't, actually. I re-used an old cardboard suitcase from Jenna's mystery party and glued on decorative cardstock. You might recognize it from this post:


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