Monday, April 16, 2018

Somewhere There Is Summer

And it's not Minnesota, for sure.

How many inches of snow did you guys get this weekend? We got over a foot. And it's still coming down.

I'm afraid April is a washout. Literally. Let's hope May looks more like spring. Either way, you can keep your snow, Minnesota. I'm looking elsewhere for my sunshine.

Like the equator.

I like to remember that there are other parts of the world where the sun shines, and hotly, too. Wanna see some photos? I haven't had the time to curate our Singapore photos, and these are just random ones I picked out. Can't remember if I edited them at all; if I did, it'd have been minimal. It's surreal to gaze upon them - what does warmth feel like? Or seeing the road beyond two feet ahead of you when you drive? Or hearing birds . . . wait, what are birds again?

This was at a beach resort in Indonesia, where we spent a couple of days with the grandparents. 

These next photos are in Singapore. We spent an afternoon at the Jurong Bird Park. Here are the girls in an elevated bird enclosure feeding colorful lories.

Still at the Bird Park, here is Kate with toucans perched on her arms. All I could think of as I watched her was "that would be an easy Menagerie variation." Mother fail, I know. 

Speaking of Menagerie, the children were relentless in their encouragement to Make This! and Make That! whenever they saw an animal - any animal. Which, if you were at places like the Bird Park and the Zoo, kept happening every other second. This here is a cotton top tamarin at the Singapore Zoo (and yes, kids, a Menagerie version would be fab). Incidentally, if you're ever in Singapore, stop by the Zoo. The primates are awesome. These tamarins came  down from their trees to hang out pretty close to the visitors, and the orangutans range free. 

Whenever my world turns blizzard white, I look at pictures of Singapore, where the trees are perpetually green and everyone wear shorts and not a snowflake has ever sullied her sweltering shores. Don't lose hope, friends. If the sun can shine somewhere on the planet, even Minnesota (and Canada! Michigan! Wisconsin! Every other state that's buried under!) must swing around to take its turn sometime. (Like tomorrow. Tomorrow would be nice.)


  1. We had about a foot here in St. James! Our daughter in San Diego on hearing about our snow said, "Well, I won't tell you about the weather here." I feel like I live in Narnia where it is always winter! The robins are back so Spring must be on the way, I hope. The sun is shining to day so that is something!

  2. I think the sun might shine here today, and maybe even tomorrow... before we get another 5” on Wed., on top of our newest 18” or so, which was on top of whatever was left from actual winter. It’s just wrong that I can sit at my kitchen table and see the tops of snowdrifts peeking in at me!

    The Singapore pics are a fun diversion!

  3. Thank you for sharing your sunny pictures. We got close to 2 feet, I think. Not sure. But a lot ! It's sunny and bright today, so there is hope.

  4. Those toucans are amazing! They hardly even look real, they're so spectacular.

  5. A menagerie toucan would be amazing! Your trip sounds incredible. California is another great place to escape winter (although it is rainy and grey today, that's unusual...)

  6. 2 inches of snow Sunday morning followed by an entire day of constant freezing rain. Thank you for sharing these colorful pictures!

  7. Last weekend was the first one in a long time where we didn't get snow (Alberta, Canada). My sympathies.

  8. One day!!! The sun will shine & we will frolick! For now, we just hide in our homes & hope. #MidwestLife

  9. I can't believe how big the girls are... I have been reading for blog since they were little! They are lovely young ladies.


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