Monday, May 14, 2018

Jaguar: Two Variations

One of the nice conveniences of working with a base template is obtaning different animals simply by varying the fabric. Here is a Jaguar from the Menagerie Cat template, with slight variations.

This Jaguar was made in a sort of ivory cuddle fleece with big-cat markings. The 'rosette' print is really more leopard than jaguar (jaguar 'rosettes' have dots in them; leopard 'rosettes' are empty), but it was what the shop had available, so I went with it.

His ears are Cat ears reshaped to include an earlobe and more rounded tip, and his tail is longer.

I added a full muzzle and a plastic safety nose. The overall effect was slightly canine, I felt.

His paws are of uniform color i.e. made from one fabric, missing the white "socks" that the Cat has.

So that's Variation #1.

Here's Variation #2: faux fur. 

Neither fabric approximates the actual background color of a real jaguar's fur but this faux fur was closer to the image I was trying to render, 
photo credit:

so that was what I used.

The fabric had bands of darker and lighter background, so I used the lighter portion for the animal's belly and the darker portions for the rest. 

The muzzle is a little different, too - just the upper half this time, like the Kangaroo's,

and with a fabric nose shaped more like a real jaguar's.

His eyes, like Hope's in the image, are blue.

Here are the two big cats, side by side. 

With even just the minor differences between them, they almost look like different species!


  1. Two words.....adorable...amazing!

  2. Aww they are both so cute! It's amazing the impact different fabric makes.


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