Friday, June 21, 2019


Been experimenting with the Menagerie base template again.

This one was a special request from my Aunt Laura, who's been sewing Menagerie critters non-stop since she got her hands on the pattern. 

Folks have been emailing me to ask about Menagerie 2 because I was so effervescent about it in that earlier post and then dropped off the face of the earth, as it were. I apologize for that - I was working on a collaboration project with a magazine that fell through at the last minute, which was frustrating, because I'd put aside the new Menagerie critters (and a couple other sewing patterns) to do it. Life has been crazy recently. I'll tell you about it someday when I've found the words. For now, I'm thinking I need my superpower Tshirt, a good therapist and an obscene quantity of dark chocolate.

Hope the summer's been going well for everyone!