Who? What? Why?

Hello! You're here because you want to know who I am. I'll try to give you the short version just so you're not stuck here forever when you could be reading the other pages and looking at photos. 

LiEr is my middle name, but it is half the length of my first name, Lorraine, and I get to type it with just half the number of keys. 
Before the kids came, I was a high school Physics teacher and later a school and crisis counselor and sometime education curriculum developer. I also trained teachers and school personnel to help the sad and bad kids in their school, and to set up school systems in preparation for emergencies and crises. A bit like motherhood.

I am married to my husband, who is fabulous, and whose ideas and sensibility have saved me from doing, and failing at, very daft crafts. He is a software engineer, funny and a great photographer. He is also kind, and lets me borrow his camera to take photos for this blog so I can pretend to also be a good photographer. 

My three girls are (at the time of writing this) six, four and two-and-a-half. They are a lot of fun to be with and are the inspiration for most of the things I make. Since they gave up napping, I have had to sew on the sly, which is no longer therapeutic or relaxing, but it has made me a more efficient seamstress (which is another way of saying "I have to sew fast or not at all").

I started this blog two years ago because I wanted to write tutorials. I have tried to beat the teacher part of me into retirement but failed. So now I enjoy a virtual classroom in which I get to drone on and on about stuff I like doing and making. The blog has since evolved into something I'd like my kids to have as a resource in the future. Someday I hope they will read it themselves and have a laugh at the thoughts that went through their mum's head when she was making their toys and clothes. I also hope they know their mother was slightly bonkers but be reassured that it is thankfully not genetic (unless they want it to be).

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