Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tea Party

Emily turned six last weekend.

She had nine other little girls come over for a tea party
and we were blessed with incredible weather.
My mother-in-law very generously provided us with a
real tea set, to which we added real cloth napkins and
real (iced lemon) tea. We resisted the temptation to do
a dress-up tea party with boas and gowns and gloves
and hats because, at least in our home, Real Girls Use Glue
And Wield Baseball Bats And Run Around Fast.

Some photos and some links to the various things we did
at the party, for those of you who want to read more
about the various handmade things herein.

Food and friendship











We now return you to our (ir)regularly scheduled
program -
Our Drafting Series!


  1. What an awesome party!

    I loved the pic of Grandpa(?) pouring tea! Precious!

  2. OMG! You're talented! You're clever! You're organized! You have too much energy for 3 people!

    I love your tea party! I do regret that neither of my daughters got you as a party-giving mother!


    Sorry for all the exclamation points, but you really blew me away with this one.

    Great job!

  3. what a wonderful memory. You diid an amazing job, my girls would love it.

  4. wow, what an amazing-looking party. I especially loved that moment you caught of the kiss your older girl gave your younger girl. your daughters have such a sweet relationship...

  5. What a lovely party. It does look like stunning weather, and you came up with such lovely activities!

  6. What a fun birthday party! Would love to be a kid again.

  7. So cute! Your photos make me feel as though I attended. What fun!

  8. What a wonderful party! Thank you for sharing, I'm sure I will use some of your great ideas in the future!

  9. What a wonderful party! Thank you for sharing, I'm sure I will use some of your great ideas in the future!

  10. oh how fun. thanks for all the photos.
    I agree with your definition of a Real Girl :) My girl is starting to get some startling stereotypes already from preschool. Makes me want to be more careful about how her father and I divide the work around here.

  11. I've been reading your blog for a while now but this is my first comment! I have to say, you are an inspiration! The tea party looks stunningly gorgeous, you did an amazing job. I can't sew myself (and am too broke for a sewing machine) but each evening I pour myself a cuppa and read your latest entry. I love your wit and personality that comes through with each post. Along with this one, my favs are your cupcake toppers (the chocolate maisy's are so cute!) and the skorts! Keep it up! :D

  12. This is darling! I LOVE the idea of a tea party for a girl's birthday party :) I have two birthday's coming up, so I will keep this in mind. Thanks for the post!

  13. Amazing work you have done, each and every section of your work, I LOVE IT, enough detail, about the creativity no comments, Keep doing what you do, Bless you.


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