Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rapunzel: Dresses & Tresses

We interrupt the sewing of Halloween costumes
to show you er... more costumes.

Jenna's birthday party on Saturday will be a sort of
dress-up party. Or - to be more precise - it will be
the result of fleece and crushed panne
being on sale at Joann's.

Rapunzel dresses

that are incredibly easy to make.
And very soft and comfortable.

I made my first one last year, using
Rowena's magistrate's dress tutorial.

You need about 2 yards of crushed panne
(or some other drapey fabric),folded in half
so the fold becomes the shoulder seam line.

Then you cut this shape out:

Then you add a keyhole-shaped facing in fleece

face-hem the sleeves.

I tried doing a ribbing sort of neckline at first, and it
was so hideous and Tshirtish that I yanked it off
and did the fleece neckline facings, sewn on the
wrong side of the dress and turned out to the
right side, zig-zag-stitching the edge down.

Then you sew a sash that looks like my
camera strap,
and cinch the waist, cross behind and tie in front.
Instant embellishment without trim.

Then you make more dresses, because the panne was
$2.50 a yard and you could get two size 4T
dresses side-by-side out of each 2-yard-cut
(that's $2.50 a dress!)

and size them up and down to fit different kids

and sew more coordinating sashes

and you don't even need to finish the hems
(although I must remember to trim them to
the right length before the party).

Then there is the Hair:

4 yards of fleece for 8 wigs - working out to $2 a wig.

Cut six panels - two short and four long,
sew them into a cap

braid them down the back
(I left ours loose so they would fit most of the heads)

snip bangs in front (if I had more time, I would have
added another fringy cap on top of this one so it
looks more tousled-hair-like and less turban-like)

and let them go tell their own stories.

So $4.50 an outfit, plus scraps.

Not a bad deal for a party takeaway, and maybe
someone will wear theirs on Halloween, too!


  1. That is awesome! Maybe I can get one of my girls to have that kind of princess costume.

    You guys are going to have a great time!

  2. Ficou tão linda esta princesa! Vou tentar fazer um para minha princesa!

  3. Wonderful, L! Have I told you you're a bit crazy?

    Love u.

  4. Dang, I want my kids to go to a party at your house!

  5. seriously? 100% fabulous. I am so glad my girls cannot read yet because they would want these NOW!

  6. Oh my, you are so talented and prolific!

  7. Wow! Love the braid!
    And how on earth can you sew so many dresses with three kids around ... I need some of that miracle potion! Or is it really possible without any miracle stuff?

  8. Brilliant! And what a fun party Jenna will have on Saturday!

  9. Fantástica a Rapunzel... Vou fazer para os meus meninos.
    Beijinhos e milsorrisoscoloridos

  10. That is the best birthday party favor ever! I'm sure her friends will be thrilled!

  11. OK, I think you've really gone crazy on this one! For some reason a child size outfit seems more crazy then a stuffed Kitty for each guest. That doesn't even make sense since the Kittys were probably more work! I think the party will be great - hope you all have fun!

  12. Great ! Thanks for all the links. I love your wigs, they are really nice.

  13. Awesome! Hannah's your kids are lucky to have a mum who can sew so well!

    (Fung Jen's wife)

  14. I made one! (Well, LoLo style...since I'm AWFUL at following directions. haha)

    Thanks for the tute!!! (It will go up at www.Lolo-craft.blogspot.com soon. *Grin*)

  15. I love it!!! Great dresses for dress-up and great hair, adapted for "my snow white". Have a great party! TKs.

  16. That is adorable! Great job and thanks for sharing.


  17. you are a genius. Watch out that some local school doesn't sniff you out to do their costuming :)

    I really hope you're collecting all these plans and magic for a book.

  18. I love your party ideas! The dresses are brilliant, the wigs are hilariuos! Love them!

  19. I did a witch red outfit.... with this pattern... really in time for halloween

  20. Did I ever tell you that you're my hero? Seriously...half the projects I do are inspired by you...just ask Hubby!

  21. I made this today! It took about 5 minutes, total. However, I used 2 short and only 3 long. It fit her perfectly.
    Here is a picture. http://www.flickr.com/photos/7530204@N06/6372709067/

  22. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh i love it i wish i had stumbled on your site 2 years agao... we are so going to use these awesom ideas for my daughter's 5th princess tea party

  23. THANK YOU for these! 5 happy princesses are having a great princess party, all dressed up!


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