Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Thank you all for saying such nice things about my yellow tunic and my new banner! It was nice enough to have it finished and then you liked it too - bonus!

Just two things to say before I conk out for the night (yes, I still sleep every now and then, but not much):

1 I am working on the Toadstool House pattern. Yes, I am. I didn't forget! In fact, tonight I wrote out the entire set of Fairy instructions. After finishing that yellow tunic, everything else seems to go quickly.

2 I may not read Burda or Ottobre or other such pattern magazines but I do read catalogues. They are where I get my inspiration when I am too lazy to think up my own designs. I just received the latest Hanna Andersson one in the post. I want to sew A LOT of stuff in it, even if it means fabric versions of knitted things. Like this and this. And this and this are very easy knit dresses to pull off (and on). And check out the princess seams on this one!

OK, I'm quitting now. Have a good night, all!


  1. Sleep well my dear. Us crafter can be a tad remiss about the old slumber.
    The banner is lovely. Very feminine. I had almost forgotten about the house so that will be lovely to do when you are finished.

  2. I have always LOVED princess seams. And no surprise, that was my favorite of the Hanna Andersson dresses...

    And your new banner IS lovely!

  3. I measured my 6 year old daughter for her sloper on Saturday. It is amazing how the measurements would differ by up to an inch depending on the way she stood! She wants to be a pioneer girl for Halloween and I thought a costume would be a good starter sloper project. Thanks for the instructions!

  4. I'm glad you mentioned your banner, as I hadn't seen it in Google Reader, so I had to come over and take a look. I love it! I also think your tunic beautiful. I can't imagine counting all those stitches, much less doing them! Soooo worth the effort, though!

  5. I've been looking at for inspiration lately. They've kindly been sending me their patterns...I mean catalog. be inspired is one thing. To actually draft and make something is another.

  6. You are SO RIGHT about catalogs! Actual sewing mags leave me cold. I bought a Hanna cap for baby Ben so I could copy it as he got older. I should get on that.

    I think that tunic was blocking your chi. My friend and I call projects like that chi-blockers. snort.

  7. I love Hanna!!!! I wish I had the money or time to either buy or sew that entire catalog. It's a good thing I only have boys otherwise the temptation might overcome me!


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