Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cookies for Christmas

I usually like to keep my baking and sewing/cardboarding from encroaching upon each other (which explains why there are zero recipes on this blog), but I thought I'd share some photos of what the kids and I did this week. I am not a cake person much. But I like pies and pastry, especially if they have meat in them. And I like desserts of all kinds, the chocolaty-er, the better. This past week has been a zero sewing week because we baked for two days straight (and spent the other days cleaning up) to make cookies for Jenna's teachers and some of our favorite neighbors. Which was good timing, since we had more than 20" of snow that weekend in a crazy blizzard, and we were
very happy to stay in.

The girls, particularly Jenna, like icing (or frosting, as it is called here) their own cookies, and since I've let them use piping bags, they've enjoyed it even more. And less mess!

See that heart in the middle of the tray with the scanty pink and green icing? That's Kate's. Actually, that's Kate's second round of icing on the same cookie. She licked off Round #1 and when we told her we were giving some away, she promptly re-iced her cookie. Ugh. Sorry Kate, recycling is fashionable everywhere except in cookies.

If anyone is interested in the recipe we used, here it is.


  1. WOW!! What gorgeous cookies! But no surprise, coming from your house. :) Wish I was your neighbor, but then I'd end up saving them because they're too pretty to eat! :)

  2. They look great ! Your girls have a certain talent for colors. I wish I was their teacher ;-)

  3. I love the rainbow hearts!!! xoxo
    Happy Holidays! : )

  4. Pretty and probably tasteful :)


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