Monday, December 27, 2010

If Ever I Am Cured of My Non-Fondness of Print Fabric

Orla Kiely will be the one to do it.

My husband gave me this for Christmas:


He and I have had quite a few conversations on how to procure fabric like this, without having to

  1. pawn our limbs for what they cost on ebay
  2. having our London-dwelling friends stake out her flagship store with a large brick
  3. silkscreen/paint our own canvas with (doubtless) disastrous results.

One shelf of my cotton fabric stash is categorized into
  1. The Main Event (solids, dots, ginghams)
  2. Accents (prints)
  3. Grab First In Case Of Fire (Orla Kiely)

See -
this is how to make bags that are feminine and non-boxy without resorting to ruffles, pleats or gathers.

And - be still, my beating, top-stitch-obsessed heart - this is what covetousness looks like:

OK - technically, that last one was not a print fabric. So maybe I'm not cured yet. But I'm close.


  1. That is a precious Christmas gift Lier. You are blessed!

  2. I know someone who might battle with you over that orange bag. ;)

  3. I am a practical purse person- I could carry the same one handsome, but plain brown leather number forever... Until you introduce Orla Kiely's bags into the mix. I just lust after them. I want them all. And now, thanks to you, I want that orange one.


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