Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On the first day of advent.......

So.......... have I really been sewing nothing but pockets lately?

Actually, all but two of those pockets were finished in (cough) June. After sewing 24 pockets, I suddenly felt like doing something else. Tra la la. I didn't touch them again till November. Just before the first pocket post went live, I made myself complete the last two pockets and then threw a small, personal chocolate party to celebrate.

Speaking of unfinished projects, I've also made myself finish this one:

Begun in (another cough) February and abandoned quite soon after, for quicker and less labor-intensive things.

And wow, I'd forgotten how labor-intensive these little people are. I've been working exclusively on them non-stop for the past two weeks and I'm quite glad they're going to be off my sewing table soon and F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D. And that's not counting the pieces of the sets already done in February!

So yes, there will be a few Owie Dolls in the shop in a few days' time so please watch this space. So many of you have written to ask to buy them because you don't think you'll want to make them that I decided to finish that neglected lot and send them off to good homes. Now that I'm days away from putting in the last stitches, I will say that I really still do love them and their smiley faces.

That said, they are so exhausting to mass-produce that I'm sooooooooooo glad I only attempt them once a year.

I think this is going to be the annual pattern from here on: survive Halloween costume-making, churn out a few Owie Dolls in time for Christmas, and then check into some institution for therapy. And no, I don't mean a spa.

The kids and I are off to the bookstore for some shopping and tea in the cafe now. Emily asked, "Tea? But must we actually drink tea?" "
"Well, you can have lemonade." I conceded. "But I'm there for the cheesecake."

Crafting - 0, shopping and eating -1.
Looks like the first day of advent is off to a good start!


  1. Oh, I would also love some cheesecake ... :-)
    Isn't it crazy how fast the year goes by? You kinda do some Easter crafts and then have a bit of summer ... and bang - it is Christmas. I am sure someone is sneaking away days without us noticing or something ...

  2. I'm so glad to read this post! I started 4 Owie Dolls in June and have lost the steam. All 4 are about finished but I don't know if I have the energy to do the clothes, let alone the accessories. I love them to pieces but man, they really are time consuming. You still rock, though :) And I hope you charge at least $100 for these babies, because that's about $1 an hour!

  3. What an excellent start to advent!

    Those owie doll outfits are adorable! I'm hoping to find time to make a few accessories (the bandages, etc, and a couple outfits) in time for Christmas, but we'll see. They are in line behind several pesky projects - like organizing closets, packing, oh, and making Emma a winter coat. She refuses to wear any of the coats I've found in shops "because they make noise", so a coat from fleece and crushed velvet (the costume kind) it is, because that's what I have in my fabric closet. And hopefully I'll finish it before the first snow, and she will consent to leave the house in appropriate attire - WEARING her coat instead of CARRYING it! I'm thinking a "Princess and the Pea" birthday party theme would be most fitting for her! Trying to decide whether it's to tell her that story...

  4. Is that a line of mass-produced band-aids for toys?

  5. I have been reading your blog for a few days, and loving it, and I haven't realize you sell such a beautiful patterns.

  6. Happy first day of Advent to you Lier! I loved this post, I hope you enjoyed the chocolate party.

    PS I thought all the pockets you were working on were for some sort of labour-intensive Advent calendar!, or maybe they are!

  7. I'm so excited your making the owie dolls!! Do you know how much you will charge for them? I can only imagine they are a TON of work. Thank you! Thank you! I plan on checking in frequently in hopes of snagging one.

  8. Fox and Amy: I'm so glad that you're glad you're not the only one to lose steam over these dolls. And I laughed when I read your price suggestion. I'm not charging anywhere close to what I think they're worth in time and effort, honestly. But most people, especially those who don't sew, will probably not agree with me, so I appreciate your empathy! Whenever I start a batch, it's with very short memory of what it was like sewing my previous batch, and I am always horrified at how it takes me much, much longer to finish them. All I can say is that Owie Dolls and mass-producing (i.e. making more than one) are not compatible.


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