Monday, December 6, 2010

Pockets XIV - Inset Pockets

We've finished patch pockets and inseam pockets, and we're now moving on to the third kind of pockets in our series - inset pockets, sometimes also called slash pockets, set-in pockets and cut-in pockets.

Inset pockets have three parts:
  1. the outer garment piece which has the pocket opening cut out
  2. the facing piece that is hidden
  3. the lining piece that is visible behind the opening.
So a completed inset pocket has three layers.

We're going to do several kinds of inset pockets:
  • with the opening along one seam
  • with the opening along two seams
  • free-floating

And in each case, because the opening can be made in almost any shape, there can be many, many variations!

Sometimes, however, the facing piece is omitted, and the completed pocket only has only two layers. This is the first kind of inset pocket we will make, after which we will move on to the more traditional three-layered kinds.


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