Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stand-up Dolls

I don't easily get inspired by print fabric, which is a
weird, sad thing, I know. But occasionally, a miracle
happens. Remember that
swap I did with two friends?One of them sent me this delightful doll fabric:

which spoke to me. It wanted to become stand-up doll beanbags:

If you could get into the mind of a two/four/six year old,
you'll know they'll want their dolls to go to bed at some point:

Goodnight, dolly!

We didn't stop at one, though (we never do).

(basket tote from IKEA)

But wait, it gets worse.

Tune it to the next post to see exactly how much worse.


  1. eeek! adorable!! I want some of that fabric!! :o)

    the beds are just perfection!

  2. AHA!!

    Can't wait to see the next post! :)

  3. Do you know where I could find that fabric?! That is too cute!!

  4. Oh fabulous! I really love these dollies (a lot more than the princesses sorry!) and the little bed is adorable. Is the hook to hang the bed up?

  5. Cute ! How many of them did you make ? I want to thank you for the drawings of the folding couch, I just finished it (in a print from Ikea), and my son loves it. I would make a bigger one if it was not that long to sew !

  6. Aaaaah, these are GREAT! I love love love them!!!!
    I might have to steal your idea and make the tiny rest of fabric I still got into those dolls. SO CUTE!
    I am just wondering - did you fill them with actual beans? I am always worried about how to wash them when I use stuff like beans and rice and things ...
    Oh, I could bite my behind for not having bought more of that fabric. But at the time I figured I could always get more later ...

  7. Just wonderful, Looking forward to the next post!

  8. Oh, I linked to this post from my blog using one photo of a bean bag doll. Is that alright?
    You can see it here
    If you do not want me to use your photo I totally understand and will take it off!

    Can not wait for the next post!

  9. I love the beds! The fabric is awesome too!

  10. Oh dear, it has inspired me. I have 2 unfinished quilts I must quilt and bind first but then I am on a quest. Not sure I should thankyou at all ;D xx
    They are just adorable in all seriousness if that word cn be applied here. Not sure Hmmm. x

  11. Oh! I have a print I have been wanting to do this to FOREVER, but I still haven't gotten around to it. Yours are so cute!

  12. I want to be like you when I grow up.... :) I so love and appreciate your creativity!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  13. Hey LiEr, Is there a pocket tourial for the doll bed somewhere? If not could do a quick one? Sorry to ask but we made princess beanbags and now as your predicted they need beds. My pockets are coming out all bunchy. Thanks.


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