Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Resolution.... sort of

Hello old friends!

We've been busy with house projects this weekend, so all my creative energy has been channelled into painting one bathroom and ordering blinds for our living room. Also, our old camera (the D40) has gone to stay with my parents-in-law for a while and I am learning to use our new camera (the D5100). A lot of funny, dungeon-dark photos resulted before I realized that I shouldn't have been such a coward and actually changed the settings.

I wanted to do a quick follow-up to that housekeeping post - the one about copyright stuff. Thank you for all your helpful and informative comments. Whenever I am faced with these could-possibly-be-legal issues, I always email an old and very dear friend who has studied law in both Singapore and the US and then enjoyed an illustrious editorial career in a very well-known publishing firm. He has talked me through publishing, licensing, copyright, patenting and other murky things that plague me now that I have a blog. We had a nice chat about what to do with those Someone Copied My Entire Tutorial situations, and What Happens When You Give The Someone Fair Warning And Get Ignored dilemmas, and What A Pity The Internet Isn't A Kinder Place musings. The result of our conversation was that I got a clear enough head to file a DMCA complaint with the blogging platform in question and the infringing post was removed the next day. I was surprised at the efficiency of the whole process. It was a resolution in some ways, but isn't it a shame that it had to come to this?

Also in recent days since that housekeeping post, I've gotten quite a few emails from folks who've linked to my posts and then weren't sure if that was OK with me. And so I want to say this: the vast, vast majority of my wonderful readers and browsers and visitors have delightful blogging etiquette, and I thank you all for it. I also want to say that if your copyright has been infringed upon, there are things you can do to resolve  it. Thank you, Zencrafting, for a wonderful post on Intellectual Property, and Cassi, on whose post I first saw it, and to Sonja, who reminded me of it.

And finally, because I don't want to leave you on such a somber note, here is a lurid photo of something completely impractical that I've finally finished!

More tomorrow! No, wait- tomorrow we're going to the park. And Wednesday we're going to the park, too. And also Thursday. Oh well, I'll find some time amidst our manic summer schedule to share it. See you then!


  1. Oh what a colorful picture! I had a feeling summer is here!

  2. It must be a costume of something, but the only guess I have is a Chinese dragon.... Can't wait to see it!

  3. I was trying to figure out what those could be, and the only thing I came up with was wings of some sort? Very fancy ones, of course! But I have a feeling I'm wrong...

    Enjoy your park time - we have a week of rain, rain, rain after last week's rain, rain, rain...

  4. that is SOOOOO not fair!!!! (leave us hanging like that!)


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