Monday, May 2, 2011


First, I apologize that I'm about to waste an entire post on a reminder. I'd just like to remind everyone not to copy my tutorials onto your sites, even in different languages. This is what I mean: on an uncomfortably regular basis, people copy an entire ikatbag tutorial and post it on their own blogs. Sometimes they copy my English instructions as well, but more often, they translate it into their own language, ostensibly for their readers to better understand. But in either case, they copy all my photos and reproduce them in the original sequence as a tutorial. I do not enjoy being the blog police, but I've had to pop over to offending sites to let their authors know my copyright policy. Awkward for everyone. 

I'm not cynical or disillusioned or anything silly like that, nor am I going to stop writing tutorials just because of this risk - this has happened so very often that I now just roll my eyes and mutter, "here we go again.... does nobody read sidebars anymore?" and go do what I need to do. It's nasty work, and I always feel bad telling people off. I'm sure it's one of the downsides of aggregators - a person can read an entire blog post without even going to the original blog to read the pertinent sidebar info (where most people post their copyright notices). 

Many people have similar copyright policies, so I know I'm also speaking for the entire blogging community when I say this - everything we post on our blogs is our property, and therefore we have copyright of it. It may no longer be private because it is now in the internet (eek) but it is still ours, and it is good manners to get permission to use it in any form. If anything is OK to use without asking (e.g. linking, using one or two photos, for instance), we will say so in our sidebars somewhere. If you ask us, we will often, if not always, say yes. If we don't say so explicity, don't do it. And copying entire tutorials from anyone, even if you translate the words? Bad idea. No. Don't even think it. 


  1. Agreed. As a fellow blogger, I know how much time and work it takes to put together a project and tutorial, and it is a slap in the face to see someone else reposting or taking credit for all the hard work. Same goes for recreating a tutorial you've done, it's the same as copying the tutorial.

  2. Sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. You are so incredibly generous with the time and effort put into making up these tutorials, I am annoyed on your behalf that you have to deal with this.

  3. I am there with you! I just posted on this topic here: after a cople incidents in the same week.

    In my post I have a link to zencrafting and an article written by Patricia for anyone who creates anything. There is actually a whole day dedicated to educating folks about intellectual property rights. Go read it! And spread the word : )

  4. Oh no ... that sucks!
    I totally understand you - I would hate it if I would have to do it. So far nothing really bad has happened to me ... or maybe I should start googling my own stuff? ;-)

    And you know what - I am quite certain even if you would not have your copyright in your side bar - it would still be yours!!! Still noone would be allowed to use your photos or your text!!!! So really - it should not make ANY difference at all where people read the posts and if they can see your side bar or not! It is not theirs to take!

    Also - it really should be common sense to ask I think! I even ask every single person I featuer somewhere whether I can use a photo. That is actually why I rarely feature other people - it is work to ask. But I would certainly not feel alright if I would not do that.

    I find it really strange how people can do that - copy a whole tutorial. I mean - it is on the inernet! They must know that others will be able to find out ...
    Maybe there should be a course you have to take or a test before you are allowed to have a blog! *laugh*

  5. I think there might be a way to protect your photos from being lifted off the post page, if that helps at all. You might try googling to see if there are step-by-step instructions on how to protect your images. Good luck. Thanks for trusting those of us who just love to look and learn. Cheers.

  6. Try this, perhaps it helps


  7. Thank you so much for continuing to post despite having to deal with people who blatantly breach copyright. I love all your posts and especially enjoy the recent one. I love that you can poke fun and have a laugh at situations, like the breaking of a stretch needle. Your tutorials are so good, it is generous of you to share your knowledge and experience in this way! I am a mother of three daughters and of similar age groups, my eldest only wishes I could create all of the goodies you have created for your girls over time. Thanks again!

  8. Ugh, I've recently had to be the blog police on one of my posts. It isn't fun.

  9. Hi! I totally agree with you. I have linked to several of your tutorials, they are so great! Yet, I do hope that it is okay that I use some of your photos where your kids faces don't show. Please let me know if this is not okay, and I'll change it right away.

  10. I love your blog and all your tutorials. I am sorry for those "cheaters",blogs are our property, it is a fact so ho can anyone dare to take something which belongs to another one witout even getting permission? what are able to teach our children ? if we, adults "steal" others??I really understand you. Iam sorry for this. and what a generosity to keep posting tutorials for us!

  11. Lame (the copy-cats, not you!). That is all i can say, that hasn't been said already. I'm glad this doesn't make you stop posint tutorials, we live for your girls clothing tutorials at our house.
    Good for you for keep-on keeping-on. Keep rocking the sewing /crafty blog world with your genius!

  12. Hallo

    I have never commented on your site, but lurk around often. I enjoy the cardboard creations and has yet to follow one of your tutorial but I always get inspiration to create something with the kids of their own current interest.
    Maybe I am just naive but I was shocked to read that people will actually copy your tutorials. And that it happens often!
    Unbelievable. Thank you for taking the time and effort to keep blogging. It is appreciated.

  13. I so agree with everything you have said, this happened to me, I found my designs being sold on Etsy with no mention of me as the designer, I was really annoyed! I then saw that this person had made derivitives of my designs and still did not mention they were my original designs.
    I have a tutorials blog but so far I have not found my tutorials copied but I suppose there is time yet! I feel bad pointing it out to people, and then they get annoyed and that really gets me even more irritated, it is theft after all.

    I am certainly with you on this one!


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