Friday, June 24, 2011

One Yard Wonders - the new book


New One Yard Wonders book! 

and look who got her photo taken for it:
 ^  ^  ^
|   |   |

And her piglets!!!!!!!!!!

The book will be out in December. Read more about it here.

P.S. Thank you all for the wonderful comments to the last post. Your sewing journeys are incredible and inspiring - I've tried to reply there to as many as I could in the comments themselves. Please keep sharing your stories! 

P.P.S. That was a clever diversionary tactic from the Monster Project, wasn't it (as is this post)? I am pleased to say, however, that since writing that post, I have
(i) been to the hardware store again to swop some parts and brainstorm again  with the staff
(ii) worked on the cardboard bits, stopping only to go to bed, actually
(iii) taken one photograph of its progress
(iv) poked at it with pins

So yes, I'm working on it! I must focus! I must not read blogs. I must not write posts. I. Must. Work!!!!!!!


  1. I did notice your diversionary tactic last night. Ahem.

    Congrats, Pig!!!

  2. Hooray! Maybe I actually will buy that book, now! You are one of two bloggers I know and admire who have contributed to it!

    Not that I need to add to my massive collection of books full of projects that I want to make. And I have three patterns of yours (not counting any of the animals, which are in my subconscious list) that I haven't even started on. No wonder Mike thinks I'm nuts!

  3. CONGRATS!! That is so cool... Pig and her babies if one of my favorites. THe first One Yard Wonders book was so great, looking forward to the second.

  4. Eeeek!! That's so exciting! I mean, nice try: get back to work!


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