Thursday, March 12, 2015


And now we come to the barnyard denizens.

This was for Emily, who loves chickens. 

This is the only variation I made without feet sticking out at the base of the animal. Just for fun, I wanted to see if, supposing we wanted an animal to look like it had fallen on its behind and had kicked its feet up in the air, could we? 

Ha ha ha! Apparently, we could. Not that we would laugh at chickens who fell backwards. That would be mean.

Well, our hen has tucked her feet away, but you could make your chicken (or duck) with sticky-out bird feet, like the penguin or peacock, if you like. 

New variations for the chicken: wings, the beak, the comb, the eye mask, and the collar frill. 

More farm animals up next!


  1. Haha! Love your chicken-on-her-butt! She must be a cousin to your other chicken, who sits on her feet.

    1. Yes, she is. Same fabric, too. But eggless.

  2. Is it terrible that I am tempted to make these as a bowling set? My children would be appalled...


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