Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Here You Go

I'm home.

Singapore was great, but there's nothing quite like sleeping on your own bed. Or sleeping not-on-the plane. Or just sleeping, really. 

We're slowly coming out of the jet lag - it's always far worse coming home than going there - but the kids are back in school, the husband is back at work and I am . . . well, I'm doing whatever it is I do when everyone is out of the house. 

And one of those things is getting these guys together for a photoshoot. Because you all asked for a group shot, remember?

Here you go then:

This is where the animals live usually - in my gigantic light box (a post for another day). 

Poor things. 

Yesterday morning was lovely, so I released them outside for some fresh air. They were delirious with joy - check out all the slouching and posing and gossipping and faceplanting between takes. 

It wasn't easy getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time, but at least nobody stuck their tongue out and made silly faces. Well, nobody apart from the frog, anyway.

And yes, I'm working on the pattern! I worked on it on the plane, but there is still some way to go before everything is typed and drawn and measured and formatted. I'm aiming to finish before May, so let's see if I can avoid procrastinating long enough to do so!

Alas - I'm already distracted. 

Last night, I stayed up (thanks, jet lag) and conceptualized 16 bags for my new tutorial series. 

You guys are going to love it. 
It's all about zippers. You all love zippers, right?

I can't wait to share it with you! 


  1. Oooooh I can't wait!

  2. Oh, wow... I LOVE those shots! Faceplanting ones and all! Ha! Let's see... if you get done by May, and your tester gets done by... oh, let's say August, just to be safe.... the pattern should be ready in time for people to sew Christmas gifts, right???

  3. Very excited for the pattern AND zippers (well, bags with zippers)!! Welcome back!

  4. If you need a pattern tester let me know. Id be happy to test out any animal. They are so cute!

  5. The dragon has belly welts? Adorable! Eagerly waiting for the pattern and new tutorial series!

  6. Welcome home. Those are lovely group shots. What an amazing amount of work has gone into them.

  7. I do love zippers!! I can't imagine life without them and it drives me nuts when others won't give them a try. Yaaaaaay zippers!

  8. I love the menagerie!!! I don't know if you've gotten or already responded to this question, but I'm wondering if you're considering a smaller sized scale option (beanie baby size or so) at all with your pattern? (I obviously know nothing about pattern making) but thought I'd ask! :)

    1. Another option is to take it to a copy shop and ask them to reduce/enlarge the pattern to the size you want.

  9. Oh.. my.. God! I want them all!!!!!

  10. Lovely. Just looking at these photos makes me smile. So cute.

  11. Ooooooo......I'm so excited for this pattern! I'm a new grandma (with the second on the way) and I love sewing for my babies. Can't wait!

  12. Cute, cute, cute! As a new follower and knitwear/crocheter, I look forward to your bags. I am always on the look out for a great travel.project bag.


  13. I, too, will volunteer to be a pattern tester if you need one :) I cannot wait for the pattern. I have all my fleeces bought, and am just waiting to sew!! Yeee!

  14. Those are the cutest, most darling stuff animals made from one pattern!! Love

  15. Since the squid is included in the group shot, does this mean it will be included? Hoping the fish just got waylaid, couldn't see it in the various group shots, and it will be included also.

    Stopped checking numerous times a day. Pleasant surprise today!

  16. oow cute!
    I do love a bag but these are much more fun ;)

  17. My daughter wondered if those animals in the first photo were gathered for the shark's funeral :)

  18. Welcome home! Very fun photos. I'm looking forward to the new bags!

  19. Yes, volunteering to be a pattern tester. Me me me!

  20. Just wanted to mention that JoAnn (and I'm sure other fabric stores) always has tons of fleece colors in the remnants section which is usually 50% off and sometimes goes for even cheaper. It's a great way to buy a little of a color for exactly this kind of project!! I'm very excited!!

  21. Congratulations for cutest animals, but I am your fan at part of bags and pocket and zippers, also ;) I am looking forward to see your new part of - zippers, and bags with zippers - welcome, we all love zippers :)


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