Friday, March 6, 2015


This mouse is one of Jenna's favorites. 

It was the second animal I made and was still in the muslin-prototype stage of the design process. What do I mean?

The head, for instance, is smaller than in the final design. The paws are tiny. And the eventual tail will be longer.

But it is obviously identifiable as a mouse, and Jenna loves it and declares it adorable. Which is what counts. 

You know what all these animals need? Accompanying felt food. That will be Phase II of Menagerie. If you're a parent or grandparent (or any doting caregiver), you will know that small children love their softies very differently from teenagers and adults. Theirs is a holistic care approach - with food and clothes and habitats and everything. It's fun (but insane) to watch! Remember those Spring Bunnies?


  1. So far, this one is my favorite that you created from the sloper series :)

  2. Eeeeeeek!! Adorable! And YES to the kibbles!


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